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    First Twilight is the main guild in Cryewell. While it is not the only guild, it is the largest in Cryewell by far. It operates out of the same building as the Umbral Board, although most members have local branch offices. Major cities have multiple offices to handle overflow. Ashgarde has three offices besides the main office for example. Despite its leader being the Chairman of the Umbral Board, First Twilight is not an official government agency. Members of the guild are allowed to act in instances where the government can not. First Twilight specializes in providing security or private investigative work.

    First Twilight is broken into four separate groups called Echelons. Each Echelon is headed by an Exarch, who in turn report to the Guildmaster. Beside the Exarchs, there are no specific ranks based upon power level or anything of the sort. Instead, most people are judged by how long they've been with the guild. The First Echelon is the simplest and is the most populous. This is for couriers, personal assistants, and the like. If you want a constant supply of jobs that are ever-changing and never too dangerous, the First Echelon is for you. The Second Echelon is for private investigation and security work. From simple missing persons to protecting witnesses for a crime, the Second Echelon is usually pretty close with the members of the various police agencies within Cryewell. Their jobs are more interesting than First Echelon's, but there is usually a lack of consistency.

    The Third Echelon is for those missions where direct combat is required. Taking on bandits, rogue beasts, etc. are all common tasks for the muscle of the guild. Members of Third Echelon are usually paid to be part of the Spartenai in between missions. Most tasks are high risk, high reward. However, the jobs are usually few and far between. The Fourth Echelon is not the most prestigious, but it is usually called the most stressful. The members here are only assigned to VIPs. They handle each mission with so much discretion that usually their assigned target (whether for security or spying) does not know they were under Fourth Echelon's watchful gaze. The only person who knows the identity of this branch's exarch is the Guildmaster.


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