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    Brief History
    Aria Grand was founded before the Great Unification, so it dates back for hundreds of years. It is the oldest guild in Lotheria and likely even Empyrea. The original founder was named Aria Morel. The guild was formed to create a family environment for people that lost their homes during the many battles of that time. Aria was a woman of peace, so she did not tolerate unnecessary violence within her family. Since Aria was an accomplished healer and Arcanist, using both her skin in alchemy (potions and elixers) and Arcana to prevent violence was easy. Once the Great Unification happened, Aria Grand soon found itself as the top guild in Lotheria. It's name rapidly spread throughout Empyrea.

    Guild Function
    Since Aria Grand acts as both the army and a normal guild, they've got a lot more power than people would originally expect. They are a leading authority in political matters, law making, but also act as other guilds do by taking on missions. Most of their work does settle in Lighthaven and most guilds in Lotheria are often approved branches of Aria Grand. They may even share the emblem. While there are separate or "independent" guilds that don't operate with Aria Grand, those who do have a wider range of resources and can request help for the sake of missions, jobs, and anything else needed. Aria Grand is almost always led by Lotheria's High Councilman since they do also act as the military.

    Guild Member Description
    Becoming a member of Aria Grand is easy. All you have to do is be a citizen or documented refugee within Lotheria and then you just ask! It doesn't take much more than that. Everyone is given a chance to better their lives. However, each emblem given means a certain status within the guild. While everyone can apply for G and C Classes pretty easily, the other Classes are decided by the guilds Head Master and S Class Members. Please read the descriptions below to understand what each of these classes means.

    All higher ranking members of Aria Grand are able to take on jobs one level below them. This rule is set to prevent higher level members from taking jobs from those who need them. In other words, no member does a G's job, C's take on C's, B's can take on B and C, A's can take on A and B, and S's can take on S and A. There are no exceptions to this rule.

    > G Class Members: G Class Members are guard only members. Their emblem is black. Guard only have set shifts like a normal job does and are assigned to specific areas and streets within and on the outskirts of Lighthaven. This class is the only class that has a set salary. While the pay is not fantastic, it's stable and the guild does not stop guards from taking a second job on the side. It just doesn't come through the guild and all guards are required to report to Aria Grand immediately if they're called upon.

    > C Class Members: C Class Members are given the purplish-pink colored emblem that you see in the top banner. These members take jobs and missions located within or just around Lighthaven. The jobs are not very difficult and definitely not dangerous. The jobs also don't pay super well, so a member would have to take 6-8 of these a month to keep up a middle-class life style. An example is temporary work at a shop or restaurant, helping with someone's garden, running errands, babysitting, and other odd jobs around town.

    > B Class Members: B Class Members are given the blue colored emblem you see at the bottom of this post. B missions are located within Lighthaven and in the villages within twenty miles of it. B missions are often more dangerous, but not always. The missions pay well enough that taking 2-3 will have you set for the month. Examples of B missions are where you travel just outside of city limits, taking care of bothersome bandits, taking care of small town criminals, and acting as security for some businesses.

    > A Class Members: A Class Members are given the green colored emblem at the bottom of this post. A missions are located anywhere within or outside of Lighthaven. A missions are definitely considered dangerous and will likely take time. These missions can take someone away from home for over a week, which are not traits of any of the other missions in B or C. A missions can be as simple as taking care of bandits to defeating a beast that's plaguing a town. They pay well, so 1 will have a member set for an month. An A Class Member has Lieutenant of the guard level authority when and if it's needed.

    > S Class Members: S Class members are given the red emblem. S missions are among the most difficult and the most well paying. A single S Class mission can have someone set for anywhere from a few months to an entire year. These missions often vary wildly and are given to specific people based off of that persons skills. There is no "winging" an S Class mission because of the possibility of death being significantly higher. This means that these missions are assigned. There are times that a team goes on these missions if there is no available S Class member around, however, that team will be made up of A and B members only. Note that you can only become an S Class Member through actual RP. It's not just given away. This is because S Class members have an amount of authority around Lotheria and can act as Captains of the guards if and  when it's needed.

    > Headmaster: The Headmaster of Aria Grand is usually the High Councilman of Lotheria, but this is more tradition than it is law. The Headmaster is the only member that gets a white emblem. The white emblem represents absolute authority in Lotheria.


    S Class Members

    A Class Members

    B Class Members

    C Class Members

    G Class Members

    Allied Branches

    These are guilds that have been created throughout Lotheria as branches to Aria Grand. This means that they've aligned with the army and agree to protect Lotheria if it comes under attack. It also means that they may be called upon for jobs too far for Lighthaven-based members to travel. These guilds still have their own name and can have their own emblem. If they wish, they can choose to also have Aria Grands emblem. These guilds mostly act independently, under their own Head Master, but being aligned with Aria Grand allows for more resources and access to more members and "friends" if a guild needs help.


    Membership and Guild Alliance Application Template

    Aria Grand Membership Application
    Character Name:
    Character App Link:
    Rank/Position Desired:
    Reason For Joining:

    [b][u]Aria Grand Membership Application[/u][/b]
    [b]Character Name:[/b]
    [b]Character App Link:[/b]
    [b]Rank/Position Desired:[/b]
    [b]Reason For Joining:[/b]

    Aria Grand Guild Alliance Application
    Guild Name:
    Guild Headmaster:
    Guild Link:

    [b][u]Aria Grand Guild Alliance Application[/u][/b]
    [b]Guild Name:[/b]
    [b]Guild Headmaster:[/b]
    [b]Guild Link:[/b]

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