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    Post by [TheSerenity] on Tue Apr 24, 2018 12:48 am

    Average Age of Death: Mirrors Dominant Gene
    Max Age: Mirrors Dominant Gene

    Hybrids on Clear Skies are going to be very simple. There is not going to be any "take a little from this race and a little from that." When you create a hybrid, there is going to be a dominant gene. That dominant gene is going to give you your appearance differences and special traits. So refer to the other racial threads when you figure out what that dominant gene is going to be.

    A few things you need to know:

    1) There are no "half-Dwarves." They are born from the earth and don't reproduce like normal.
    2) There are no "half-Fallen." If the Fallen is the dominant half, the child will take on the core race.
    3) There are no "half-Aetherling." They're made of energy. They can't reproduce.
    4) Skinwalkers, Humans, and Elves are the only races that can create hybrids.

    Our races will all be described in a short and straight forward manner, and over time people will ask questions about them. Those questions will be put here to help members out.




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