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    The Rochanian Council RaSiKDc

    The Rochanian Council

    Known as the only form of government in Rochan, the Rochanian Council consists of two groups which hold completely separate powers in Rochan. The first group consisting of a single position, Ceannaire, is the sole Leader of Rochan. His or Her duties consist of anything a general leader would do for the men and women of their country. Propose new laws, speak and discuss with the general public about the state of affairs in Rochan and anything in between the two would be of large importance to his or her role. Currently, the role is obtained through a set of "games" set forth by the Council to the current Ceannaire and the Opponent. The competition consists of four parts, a social standing among the citizens of Rochan, one's prowess in their ability to convince and persuade those that they'll lead, their mental prowess and effectiveness will be tortured and strained by difficult, philosophical questions regarding the status of Rochan and lastly a physical competition pitting the two against each other in a direct battle of strengths. The competition lasts an entire week in length, being a celebration similar to brotherhood that the people take part in.

    The second group, known as The Council, is comprised of four members of the public that are deemed worthy by the same standards that the Ceannaire is held to. That means that any members of the Council can be challenged for their role just like the Ceannaire can, making it so that the Council will repeatedly cycle through members. These Councilmen and Councilwomen deal with the public much like their leader does, however the main difference is that they can't pass laws solely on their own. Ceannaire must have the backing of two Council members while each council member must have the backing of the entire council minus their leader. That being said, if the Council and Ceannaire decide on the removal of a member, the remaining four can hold a vote to the public to publicly elect another Councilman.

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    The Council






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