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    The High Council of Empyrea


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    The High Council of Empyrea

    Post by [TheSerenity] on Thu Apr 26, 2018 2:32 am

    The High Council of Empyrea is the highest form of authority in the entire country. The members of the High Council are well-known throughout Empyrea. To become a member of the High Council, you are elected or brought in through your Province's leadership position or you're invited in to represent your race. As Fallen are technically not a "race," they do not have a position. As Aetherlings are too rare, they do not have a position. As Cardollan is the wild lands of Empyrea, they do not have a position.

    Jobs of the High Council: The main job of the High Council is to create laws that they as an entire group agree upon to govern the entirety of Empyrea. The laws this Council makes do apply to everyone within Empyrean borders. Other jobs of the High Council are to lead the Empyrean Military when and if the time comes for war. The Council is scheduled to meet once a year for an entire month, starting on Unification Day.

    How To Become A Member: Becoming a member of the High Council for the Provincial Councilman is done differently. It's based from Province to Province as some may inherit it or others may be elected or chosen in some other way. The Councilman positions to represent each race are done through recommendation by those already in office. A Councilman can be voted out through a unanimous decision. This decision does not usually impact other positions they hold by law, but may if Provinces say otherwise.  

    The High Council

    Councilman of Cryewell: Julien du Belkane [RESERVED; Tsubine]
    Councilman of Lotheria: [RESERVED; Serenity]
    Councilman of Naezri: [RESERVED; Gamma]
    Councilman of Osynius:
    Councilman of Rochan: [RESERVED; Blade]
    Councilman of Volkhov: [RESERVED; Rawk]
    Councilman of Dwarves:
    Councilman of Elves:
    Councilman of Humans:
    Councilman of Skinwalkers:


    Councilman Application Template
    Character Name:
    Application Link:
    Position Desired:
    Province Represented: (Only Provincial Positions)
    Recommended By: (Only if for Racial Positions)
    Years Served: (If they've been here a while)

    [u][b]Councilman Application Template[/b][/u]
    [b]Character Name:[/b]
    [b]Application Link:[/b]
    [b]Position Desired:[/b]
    [b]Province Represented:[/b] (Only Provincial Positions)
    [b]Recommended By:[/b] (Only if for Racial Positions)
    [b]Years Served:[/b] (If they've been here a while)

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