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    Post by [TheSerenity] on Tue Apr 17, 2018 10:46 pm

    Average Age of Death: 60
    Max Age: 80

    Basics: In short, Aetherlings are creatures that were created when significant amounts of energy coalesce in one area for a long period of time. Besides the way they come into the world, they can be as normal or as crazy as any other character. They are able to merge into whatever culture they choose. They may take on qualities of the surroundings they formed from. For example, an Aetherling born in the desert is not going to have powers based off of water or forests. If a single person is in a certain area for long, maybe training or constantly using magic in some other way, an Aetherling can be born with powers that mimic theirs. They may have traits that make them seem more ethereal and mystical, like glowing auras, multi-colored hair, strange eyes, etc...

    Special Trait:
    Aetherlings have the ability to bond with magic items. They can "possess" them so to speak, even use them as their own body. This gives them the ability to override the energy and absorb it as their own.

    Our races will all be described in a short and straight forward manner, and over time people will ask questions about them. Those questions will be put here to help members out.




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