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    One Man's Trash is another man's Treasure [CLOSED | Rawk]


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    One Man's Trash is another man's Treasure [CLOSED | Rawk]

    Post by Gamma on Tue Jun 12, 2018 12:57 am

    Today was the day that Sasha had been anticipating. Venturing out into the wilderness of Volkhov to see just what she could find to analyse and research. It was not a matter of analysing the objects some people would find in the wastes. She had plenty of that if she wanted it. What she never got to investigate though was the environment in which they were found. These things came from somewhere that Natasha Krylov wanted to find out how they came to be. It would be a scientific breakthrough. Truly deserving of an award and recognition. The thought brought a small smile to her face.

    She would not be making this journey alone though. Being in dangerous situations was not her forte and if she went alone now that would just be unnecessary risk to her brilliance. The idea of her flame being snuffed out so young before she could leave her mark was a great fear of her's. So she had requested the aid of a Bogatyr Scavenger. Crows had their uses. She would put the resources she had to good use. All that was left to do was wait for her guide to arrive as she finished in the shower and dressed herself in what she deemed appropriate. Practical, not the stylish attires she would normally look out for.

    "Alright. I'm all ready... I think? I should double check to be sure."

    Quickly going to check everything for what was closer to the fourth time since she had spent a lot of time yesterday confirming and making sure everything was in order.

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    Re: One Man's Trash is another man's Treasure [CLOSED | Rawk]

    Post by Rawk on Tue Jun 12, 2018 1:50 pm

    Yekaterina Isaenko was not a woman who cared much for formality when it was unneeded, and it was rare in the extreme that she considered it needed. Today was no different, bringing some new researcher into the wastes as usual. It was standard Buzzard business, a good paying job that one could reliably make it through. And, of course, if the client turned out not to have the fortitude for such a journey...well, they tended to carry things of some value themselves.

    As she waited for this client of hers to arrive, the silver-haired Buzzard idly checked the bandage over her eye before giving a quick glance over her attire and equipment. It was all in order, of course. Yekaterina could make sure she was ready for such a journey in her sleep within five minutes if such a thing was asked of her. But successful hunters did not make a living through being lazy, and she was certainly successful.

    There was some curiosity to be had about why some young girl might ask her to go through the Wastes, but Yekaterina made a habit of not asking any questions of her clients. It rarely gave her much information she cared about in the first place, and she was far more concerned about making sure the job itself was done well than the reason she was doing it. So rather than pondering this, she simply watched the water of the fountain she was sitting on, checking over the few things she had brought now and again.

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