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Cardollan is a primitive place with a people that can only be called barbaric. There is practically no tech advancement and magical prowess comes through forces of will. The people here live in huts, caves, and other primitive forms of shelter. The land is full of mountains and valleys, but mostly jungles. Someone from here is very rough around the edges. In short, these are the wild lands where the wild people live.

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Cryewell is the northwestern-most province of Empyrea. Although it has a massive coastline, most of it is located around steep cliffs and not pituresque beaches. Because of Cryewell's unique geography, its cities and towns are usually in strange locations and not just located alongside rivers or in the plains across the province. Its people are focused on aesthetics and would rather have something that looks better over something that functions better. They are a people that want bigger, flashier, and more eye-pleasing, no matter the source or the cost.

Ashgarde, Eboncairn, Heathpoint, New Cinderport, Other Locations

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Lotheria is a place that is extremely supportive of using what they call the Arcane Arts. They see the Arcane Arts (their word for magic) as an expression of ones self. They are an extremely open minded people who accept just about any view point. However, those who look down on magic don't mix well with their culture. Lotheria is known for its festivals, parades, and other celebrations. The land of Lethoria varies from flat valleys to forests, but there aren't many mountains to speak of.

Lighthaven, Ethaswen, Grandview, Taria, Other Locations

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Mon Jun 11, 2018 3:17 am
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Naezri is an old country built on its beliefs and principles. They do not appreciate change to their culture and discriminate against any attempts to impact their own. They tend to isolate themselves within their own province rather than get involved in the business of others. They're known for their focus on the sword and their form of mysticism. Their landscape is quite flat for the most part, bordering the seas to the North. They're most famous for their central region of floating mountains.

Xunzhou, Guanghua, Miyatama, Naneung, Suhai, Other Locations

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Osynius, one of the more mountainous provinces, is home to one of the strictest religions on Empyrea. The Church of Nytomea rules Osynius from the capital of High Osynius. Religion rules life in the province with no less than 90% of the population following the Nytocism. Even without that, the Church's laws have become the laws of Osynius. The people of Osynius look at other religions as heathens or savages meant to be converted to following the holy words of the Bright Mother.

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Rochan is a relatively newly found province, being focused around purely bettering one's self. Based on the ideal of power being the most important aspect of a person's very being, Rochan is known for being ruthless to those that are poorly equipped to handle the strong. While the country itself is focused on power and empowerment, its culture and geography is very much focused around family. The Province is extremely hilly with white lined coasts all along its coastline. While there are only two main cities, near hundreds of villages can be found along its surface. Aside from the focus in power, sports are a large focus in Rochan—with sparring matches being predominant.

Ionad, Tuilleadh, Other Locations

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Home to the most dangerous wastes in all of Empyrea, Volkhov has been forever ravaged by the actions of its final prince. In spite of this desolation, its people have adapted and overcome, making the hellish place their domain and showing even the fiercest of horrors that they know no fear. The effects of magic have created countless unnatural phenomena across the land, to say nothing of the untold creatures that roam it, and many outsiders would perhaps be truly stunned at the things Volkhov holds—and its abhorrence of magic. "Magic be dashed," as the people say, and indeed there is no place where magic is less welcome than Volkhov. Instead they live through what they perceive as their own wit and tenacity.

Goriky Nadivgorod, Rtutnygorod, Groznyjkuloy, Donskoy, Other Locations

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