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    The Tier and Skill System Empty The Tier and Skill System

    Post by [TheSerenity] on Thu Apr 19, 2018 9:25 pm


    The power scale on Clear Skies is not a massive one. See "maxes" set at the bottom of this post. We will not have any world breakers or metropolis destroyers. The power scale is tame for the sake of the planet we are RPing on and the sanity of our members and especially our staff. At max, a character will not be able to impact anymore than a few blocks with their destructive power. Of course, there are spells and abilities that will be able to go beyond this, but they’re ones that take TIME. When we say they take time, we don’t just mean a few posts. They are plot-devices and will take hours of in-character time. Do not try to abuse this either. If you’re caught abusing it, staff will take action. This power scale goes for anything custom created as well. Creatures, spells, and items all must adhere to the power scale in order to keep a site balance. While not all of these rules are written out at the moment, they will be later. Please keep this in mind when exploring the site and creating your stuff.


    Your character’s tier will represent the maximum amount of energy they have. Tiers will be given in “X-X” format. Each tier level will have 5 sub-tiers to reach before the next level. The highest tier a character will be given upon creation is a 1-1, no exceptions.

    There are no trap tiers or dual tiers on Clear Skies. Trap tiers are not something we’re willing to deal with and dual tiers make little sense with what tier represents.

    No Tier - This means that your character has absolutely no energy. Characters with “No Tier” can still later gain energy, but their current iteration has none and therefore cannot use magic.

    Tier Level 3 - Character in Training - This is the start of your character’s magical journey, so there isn’t much energy to use or detect. This is the tier of the general magical population. This is where up and coming characters will fall. It’s also those who haven’t trained much, if any at all, and those with an “average joe” amount of energy to show for it (in most cultures).

    Tier Level 2 - Noticeably Powered - At this level, your character’s energy is something to be sensed and considered. They’re among the special powered now! They stand out from the crowd and can catch the attention of guilds, clans, warriors, and other magic users. This is where a newly created prodigy will fall without any RP being done.

    Tier Level 1 - Among the Elite - This level of energy is where you’d normally find your magical leaders and magic users that would be known city wide. They can be sensed from long distances and make an impact on those around them. The amount of energy they carry is impressive. Those at this level can easily make a name for themselves, but they’re rare.

    Tier Level 0 - Legends of Our World - The most difficult energy level to obtain is 0-tier level. It is the peak of energy levels that feels almost unreal. Someone of this energy level can be sensed from very long distances and may cause problems with weaker ones that they’re near.


    There are no racial skills on Clear Skies, so everyone’s character list will look like this:

    Physical Skills:
    > Stamina
    > Strength
    > Speed
    > Durability
    > Energy Control

    Mental Skills:
    > Willpower
    > Focus
    > Mental Deduction
    > Weapon Skill.
    > Hand to Hand

    When your character app is graded, you’ll be given a “class” along with your tier. The class you’re given is merely a letter, but will tell you what skill levels your character will have.

    These are our Skill Levels:

    This is how they'll be distributed on approval:

    E - 2 Beginner, 3 Untrained
    D - 1 Trained, 2 Beginner, 2 Untrained
    C - 1 Adept, 2 Trained, 2 Beginner
    B - 1 Advanced, 2 Adept, 2 Trained
    A - 1 Expert, 2 Advanced, 2 Adept
    AA - 1 Elite, 2 Expert, 2 Advanced
    S - 1 Master, 2 Elite, 2 Expert
    SS, 1 Grandmaster, 2 Master, 2 Elite
    EX - 1 Legendary, 2 Grandmaster, 2 Master


    Because excessive skill descriptions are common, here are some examples of what the maximum would be for each skill. Do not ever describe your skill as above this as these represent a legendary skill on site. Mental skills will not be given a maximum, but use common sense when describing them as well, if that is something you choose to describe. Max = Legendary level

    Stamina: Jogging for 4 days without stopping.
    Strength: The ability to lift 10 empty semi trucks and their attached trailers. (~370,000lbs)
    Speed: 200 miles per hour top speed
    Durability: Being thrown through three buildings and being able to stand again.
    Energy Control: 100% control, no possibility of backfire or unintentional excessive use.

    Non-Magical Human Advancement: To prevent magic-less martial characters from being shunted, non-magical humans will have the ability to advance their skills like magical humans. However, this requires intense training, experience, and a hell of a lot of work. Consider it double of what a magic user would deal with. However, it is still possible and one hell of an interesting challenge to take on. Mechanically, this means that non-magic humans can get to advanced like normal, but anything beyond that is going to take twice the amount of experience and role play to break that cap.

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