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    Rochan Fantasy-landscape-15

    Discover Rochan

    Province Basics

    Relatively new and recently developed, Rochan was once an undiscovered peninsula of land that garnered attention from those that wished to forge their own path away from their home provinces. A land that prospers purely off the strength and power that one holds, Rochan is diverse in both strength, social status and mental prowess. No matter the strength one may have, Rochanian's would gladly accept any in to their province with very little hesitation. While they don't have an real issues with their neighbors and the provinces of the world, Rochan typically does its best to stick to itself in fear their views and ideas may cause mass problem with those around them. Nevertheless, its small population continues to grow ever since The Great Unification of Empyrea a near Sixty years after its inception.


    Ionad (Capital City)

    Ionad, the Capital City of Rochan, is located directly in the center of the peninsula. Compared to most cities, it's one of the most technologically advanced throughout the entirety of Empyrea. Boasting what is the majority of the province's population, Ionad is known for its mechanical travel and the development of self, personalized transportation. Alongside that, while magic plays a large part in its development, a majority of the machinery throughout Ionad and Rochan itself was handcrafted by its citizens in what was a relatively short amount of time. The city and province itself only being roughly three hundred years old shows that its citizens are nothing to scoff at. With streets lined with brick, the general aesthetic of the city is hard and rugged, resembling much of what you'd expect from a working class province. Other than that, a main feature of the city is its Capital Building, a Headquarters for people throughout the entirety of the province to come and seek leadership over certain towns, Tuilleadh or Ionad itself.

    Tuilleadh (Second Major City)

    Very little is found in Tuilleadh, its position in Rochan causing quite a problem in regards to population growth. Meant to be an access way to the Island of Dearmad Déanta, Tuilleadh is far smaller in comparison to Rochan's capital. While Tuilleadh is almost a 1:1 copy of the capital Ionad, key differences can be found along the coastline. A large coastal shipyard built specifically for travel between the Island and the Peninsula is the main stape of the city, being the main focus of work and trade as well. Markets line the shipyard wishing to trade anything and everything a Rochanian can get their hands on. Just like Ionad, Movement Devics and LWTM are common and frequently placed throughout the tiny city.


    Official Language: Common (English), Rochanian (Irish)

    Strength and Power are the focus of many that live throughout all of Rochan, making their culture one of the oddest in the world of Empyrea due to its creation. An amalgamation of hundreds of different people all coming together as one with the idea of power being the future. While power could generally refer to strength physically, Rochan focuses on the aspect of one's true self. Whether that be someone's strength physically, mentally or socially, these are important factors that decide who garners respect and gathers sway within the province. Known for their massive celebration held at the same date annually, Rochan is filled with friendly and kind folk that are willing to help those in need around them. With this being true however, many of Rochan's citizens also look down on those who have very little to no strength whatsoever. On top of that, while they aren't entirely misaligned with magic, Rochanians are known for outright disrespecting those that use magic as their get out of jail free card to rise through the ranks. Almost as if it were a cop out, Magic as your main and only source of power is frowned upon in the province.

    Due to the mass amount of humans that came flooding into Rochan after its initial arrival, the technology and machines developed in the province are considered their pride and joy. Built with hands and magic in hand, Rochan has developed and brought forward personalized modes of transportation known as Movement Devices. Simple and to the point, machines fit for a single person will transport users to and fro throughout the two main cities of Rochan. Alongside these Movement Devices, a machine known to Rochanians only also exists for the purpose of long distance communication. Throughout Rochan, Rochanians can use the device known as Long Wave Transfer Machine to send voice recorded messages instantly and clearly from one LWTM to another. Other than these two specific inventions, Rochan boasts slightly more well designed versions of similar machinery throughout all of Empyrea.

    Last but not least, Rochan's yearly tradition of Bráithreachas brings all of its citizens to its capital city in order to celebrate "Brotherhood" with one another. Strong or weak, this day of the year symbolizes the type of province Rochan is and allows for its people, whether strong willed or weak coward, to act as one just as their fore fathers had. The capital city of Ionad is filled with flashing lights and Papier-mâché masks that resemble a singular face of their leader that year to signify unity among all in the country. Food and drink is discounted at extremely low prices and inns open their doors for a single night for free to take those in who are of need.

    Population: One Million Two Hundred Thousand

    Diversity of Races in Rochan

    Because of the ideal of power meaning strength in Rochan, the province has one of the most evenly dispersed racially throughout the entire world. With a small leaning towards humans which were the original settlers of Rochan, the rest of the races that inhabit the world of Empyrea fill out the province's population. Divided up roughly, it'd be labeled around Human 30%, Elves 20%, Skinwalker 17%, Dwarves 17%, Aetherlings 10%, Fallen 6% as extremely rough estimates.


    A majority of the land in Rochan is simple and to the point. Either flat soil or hills line the province, primarily the former being the general makeup of the earth Rochan was built upon. Outside of these key aspects, the coastl areas are known to have large cliffs and treachorous waters. Venturing out on one's out along the coast line whatsoever could mean endangering their well being.


    Known as Ceannaire (leader), the leader of Rochan is selected through a tradition upheld since the very beginning of Rochan's inception that consists of a game like competetion that pits the current leader against any challenger of the position. The competition consists of four parts, a social standing among the citizens of Rochan, one's prowess in their ability to convince and persuade those that they'll lead, their mental prowess and effectiveness will be tortured and strained by difficult, philosophical questions regarding the status of Rochan and lastly a physical competition pitting the two against each other in a direct battle of strengths. The competition lasts an entire week in length, being a celebration similar to brotherhood that the people take part in. Outside of this competition, general laws and regulations that are common sense dictate the way people behave throughout the province. Those that break these laws will be brought forward to the Ceannaire and His/Her Council. The council consists of four members outside of the Ceannaire, all being equal in reputation and importance. Spots for the council are held to the same competition that the Ceannaire is held to as well.

    Dearmad Déanta, also known as Rochan's "Royalty", is located off the east coast of Rochan's coast line. Secluded away on an Island all on its lonesome, Dearmad Déanta consists of past leaders and councilmen that are sought after for advice and guiding words when the current Leader of Councilmen are in need. Many in Rochan know of the Island of Dearmad Déanta, the only accessway to the island being in the city of Tuilleadh. Those that are granted access will be placed on a ship and taken to the small Island and will stay in a considerably lavish headquarters for the previous members.

    Why Rochan

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