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    Post by Tsubine on Fri Apr 20, 2018 6:28 pm


    This list contains the multitude of creatures that have been created on Clear Skies. Those that are listed here are already made or in the process of being created by staff. If they're in the process of being created by staff, members cannot make them. This is because certain creatures need a type of site balance or may even break it. The prime example of this being done is with dragons.

    However, with any custom creation system, there needs to be limitations on what is actually allowed in the world we're creating. Everything needs a balance so things don't go haywire and so here are a few guidelines to follow when you are creating your creature:

    Here are some guidelines created to keep a site balance:

    Picking your Creature:If you’re creating a creature that is commonly used and known in our world and it has certain expectations, it may be easier to refer to their normal lore to prevent confusion. For example, changing the basic way a dragon works is just silly and may frustrate people. Those who see we have “dragons” coming here to realize they don’t breathe fire and can’t fly will likely not enjoy those changes.

    Rarity The more powerful the species, the rarer it should be. A creature as powerful as a dragon should not be as common as a cat. Otherwise, they would have wiped the races out by now.

    Location: While it's fun to have some things stick to certain provinces, don't make to many province-based creatures. There's no actual limit, just a suggestion. This is mainly for whether they live in mountains, valleys, swamps, the ocean, and other environments.

    Appearance: We don’t care what your animal looks like. However, the size of the creatures created does matter. To keep site balance, a creature can only be up to 300ft long, up to 200ft tall, and up to 150ft wide. This is about the size of a football field. These sizes do not include tails and wings. Tails and wings can be up to equal the size of the creatures length.

        > Why is size being limited?
                 Answer: Because if a small human can do enough damage to destroy a few blocks of a city at their pique power, imagine what something the size of a full-grown dragon can do? Cities will be destroyed within minutes. Making them any bigger can impact nearby towns, villages, and cities merely because they flew a little to low, took a step and caused an earthquake, or turned to the left and wiped an entire society with their tail by accident. Balance is key.
                 Answer #2: People are going to want to use some creatures as pets and companions. If we allowed anything any bigger, we wouldn’t be willing to allow these creatures to act as pets and companions, or we'd have to heavily restrict characters having pets which is just dumb.

    One-Of-A-Kind Creatures

    These creatures are the only ones that are allowed to break the size limitations.

    Max sizes for one of these: (3 times the amount of regular creatures)
    900ft length
    600ft tall
    450ft wide

    Descriptions for one of a kind creature lore, locations, and powers must be very detailed.

    One of a kind creatures will also have a type and name.

    Type: "This is a dog."
    Name: "This dog's name is Rex."

    There are a limited amount of one of a kind creatures. No exceptions and no hogging spots. You can create more than one, but if the max spots are filled, then yours may be removed for someone else later on down the line. Keep this in mind.

    Common Creatures:

    Uncommon Creatures:

    • Upcoming

    Rare Creatures:

    • Upcoming

    Very Rare:

    One of a Kind:

    1. Upcoming
    2. Upcoming
    3. Upcoming
    4. Upcoming
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