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    Welcome to Clear Skies Empty Welcome to Clear Skies

    Post by [TheSerenity] on Fri Apr 20, 2018 7:15 pm


    We know you’re excited to get started, but please take a moment to read this message.

    Clear Skies is a fantasy based role play forum customized from the ground up. The site is new and we welcome all newcomers. Join our Discord by clicking the link on the front page.

    While in many cases race often ends up being a major part of a character’s upbringing, on Clear Skies the chosen race gives small but flavorful traits to each character. What is going to impact your character more is culture--the environment they’re brought up in. This means there won’t automatically be evil people just because the character was born one way.

    To understand the core expectations of Clear Skies, please read these:

    Site Rules:

    Magic on Clear Skies:

    Tier and Skill System:


    Face Claim Center:

    Racial Information:

    Character Templates:

    It’s not a bad idea to bookmark this message if you feel you’ll use it a lot.

    To PH Members:

    There are a great many of us that came from Platinum Hearts. While that was a fun site with many years under its belt, that time has ended. Clear Skies is not going to be the same as Platinum Hearts and we want to stop any assumptions about that now. There are some similarities, like the tier and skill system, but many other things have changed. For one, this is a fantasy based writing forum with a custom world and custom races. For two, as you will read in the “Tier and Skill System” thread, world breaker characters don’t exist. The power scale here is much lower and more tame for the sake of ooc and ic character and world balance.

    Please take these changes into account while you explore Clear Skies.

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