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    Post by [TheSerenity] on Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:30 pm

    Cardollan Basics10

    Languages: Danish, Norwegian and Swedish

    Cardollan is what most would call the wild lands of Empyrea. While still claimed as part of the country, the area was so full of tribal clans that trying to enforce any sort of government was going to cost more lives than it was worth. This difficulty led to the land being left to the hundreds of tribes that live there.

    Cardollan Settle10

    Since the people of Cardollan are very tribal, it isn't a surprise that large cities are not a thing here. Most clans live in temporary settlements of huts, tents, and other forms of quick housing. Those who do settle permanently build something akin to villages and towns, nothing large enough to be a city.

    Cardollan Cult10

    There is no government here.

    The tribal nature of the people here have caused them to speak three different languages that are all pretty similar There is no pattern to what tribes speak the languages because many of them travel constantly. Their culture is also quite primitive. These are the people making axes out of wood, stone, and leather. Every now and then, some unlucky traveler does get lost and a tribesman will kill them, or find them dead, and scavenge their gear. These finds to allow for some better equipment.

    Most of the cultures within the tribes vary. While some tribes may see their women as fragile and needing to be protected, others train their women to fight along side them. While some may be the hunting and gathering types, others are raiders and thieves. It all depends from tribe to tribe.

    Anyone can make a family, clan, or tribe to be in Cardollan. While their tech is primitive, they can still use magic like any of the other races. While they can be considered barbarians and savages because of their primitive culture, they can still be as open or closed minded as anyone else.

    Cardollan Geo10

    It's the country with natural beauty. Since tech advancement isn't a thing, those within Cardollan don't have to worry about deforestation or mining. They only take what they need and nature grows as planned. This is why the land is still as natural as it should be. While you may find a couple of fallen trees after a storm, forests remain untouched. Jungles flourish and weave their life across their claimed lands. The valleys are vast, wide, and beautiful. The mountains remain in their natural splendor. The natural beauty of Cardollan is easily unmatched by any other province in Empyrea. Of course, with how beautiful many of the areas are, there are those places that just seem dark and depressing. There are a few swamps the land has, which give pieces of Cardollan a gloomy and mystical vibe at times.

    Cardollan Why10

    Why would you create a character in Cardollan?

    Freedom! The lack of government allows for some lifestyles that you just can't get anywhere else.

    Exploration! Most of Cardollan is not mapped out or really known (even by the people that live there), so there is a lot of creative freedom that can happen here. Let your characters explore caves, forests and mountains. Let them encounter strange beasts and magical creatures.

    Viking/Indian/Barbarian: Have you ever wanted to make one of these? Cardollan is the place where characters and clans like this can flourish without any law holding them back.

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