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    Name: Kaminari Hatakeyama
    Age: 16
    Sex: Female
    Race: Half-human, half-elf
    Height: 5'0"
    Weight: 105

    Appearance Picture:

    Kaminari Hatakeyama [APPROVED; 3-3; C] AP1

    Personality: While Kaminari often comes off as shy and a little nervous, she's got a bit of a fiery spark to her. She's normally quiet and listens more than she talks, but when she opens her mouth it's because she has something important to say. Once she gets to know someone and feel she can trust them, she'll speak up a lot more. Her normal demeanor that of a calm, collected, and respectful young woman who likes to feel useful.

    You know her normal demeanor, but how about her relaxed one? Once Kaminari is comfortable in her surroundings, that fiery spark starts to show. She has no problem telling people how she feels and what she thinks. When it comes to her values and beliefs, she's got a lot of confidence. However, when it comes to certain physical traits, her insecurities shine as bright as the sun. She's plain, short, and flat-chested, and she doesn't like it!

    Kaminari was made fun of by other people for being so boyish. She understands that she doesn't have the most feminine features so people pointing it out only make her feel worse! She has a bad reaction to people talking about her being short, boyish, or flat-chested. She'll start yelling, which often makes people laugh because she's so little. This treatment over the years has also caused her to not like what she calls "balloon chested bimbos." While she says it mostly in jest, it does come from her insecurities.

    Likes: Feeling useful, the idea of having friends, sweet hot-teas, and cakes.
    Dislikes: Being useless, being alone, bitter and sour foods/drinks.

    History: Kaminari was born in Volkhov and honestly has no idea why. Her Father was originally from Naezri and her Mother from the tribes of Cardollan. How the two of them met and fell in love is beyond her. Anytime she chose to ask them, it was a conversation avoided and shut down before any answers were given. After a while, she just gave up on asking.

    Kaminari quickly found she had an affinity to Prime Energy. While humans have a hard time with energy, Kaminari's Elven side did not and it showed. As her power naturally grew with age, her Father and Mother began hiding her away. In fear of being caught and their daughter being purged like the others, they began training her to use a blade at the young age of seven.

    After a while, neighbors began becoming nosy and suspicious of Kaminari. Seeing this, her Mother and Father began figuring out how to leave the country. When Kaminari turned twelve, they finally had the means to do it, but suspicions were high and when they tried to leave, they were confronted by their neighbors. Kaminari's Elven Mother moved to defend her husband and child, dying for it in the process while her Father carried her to safety.

    On a boat to Naezri, Kaminari's Father's hometown, the two mourned their loss together. Kaminari was unaware of her Mother's heritage until that point in time. She hid it so well and fought hard when it came to fleeing. They arrived in Naezri a couple of weeks later and culture shock quickly became a thing. Naezri was filled with closed minded people who shunned them because their clothes weren't the same. Kaminari didn't like it here.

    Since it was her Father's homeland, they stayed and quickly assimilated to Naezrian culture. Kaminari continued her training unheeded and her Father reclaimed his old dojo in order to make a life for them. Kaminari was allowed to roam free, which was fantastic and new to her. She ended up being very shy, the years of being hidden away having impacted her social skills. Either way, she was much happier than she ever was in Volkhov.

    That happiness came to an end when her Father had to go on a trip. His knowledge of Volkovian medicine from his years of being there led him to being an asset when other towns needed him. This let his name spread and he was often called away. This time, he was called to the South of Naezri which was exceptionally far. He sent letters for some time, but after two months went by those letters just stopped and she began to worry.

    With money she saved up from working at a tea house, Kaminari left her new home in Naneung and began traveling until she came to Miyatama. This was where her Father was supposed to be, but upon arrival she found nothing. The inn he was supposed to stay at hadn't seen him in weeks and no matter who she asked, no one could remember the bald doctor that practiced eastern medicine. The only hope she had was to keep looking.

    Skills & Equipment


    Swordsmanship: The fear of their own homeland led her parents to teaching her to defend herself. Her Father, an old swordsmanship master from Naezri, used his knowledge to teach her to use a blade in secret. While she is no master herself, she does have the knowledge to defend herself. However, dueling against your Father is much different than a real life fight. While she's practiced since she was seven, she has not been in real fight.


    The Kodachi of Refinement:

    Kaminari Hatakeyama [APPROVED; 3-3; C] Kodachi

    This blade was hand made for Kaminari specifically. Born in a province where magic was hated, Kaminari had to hide her magical prowess some how. While this blade is sheathed, the wielder will have their power constrained as if it's not even there. While the blade is unsheathed, the wielder will have their ranges doubled. A powerful, one of a kind blade.

    Identifying the Wielder: The red sash you see on the hilt. There is a second version of it that acts like a bracelet. Once someone puts that bracelet on, the power of the katana is able to take over, no matter the power of the wielder since it acts like a magical contract. The bracelet cannot be cut through normal means, but can be cut through magical means. If the bracelet is cut off, the katana's power ceases. If the bracelet is untied, it can be bound to another person through the same means.


    Equalizing Zone: This power stems from Kaminari's insecurities. It puts her on equal standing to anyone within it's range, but only on a physical level. The zone naturally extends out fifty feet from her location and in the shape of a sphere. This zone also nullifies all Prime Energy within it's range. It then enhances Kaminari's physical skill sheet to the maximum levels equal to those within the range. This means that if someone has an advanced in strength, and she only has a trained, her skill sheet will increase to match them. However, this buff also works in reverse. If someone has a lower skill than her, they are enhanced to equal her level.

    Cool-downs: Actual cool-downs don't exist on this power. It's more of a duration. Her energy naturally regenerates at a fast enough rate when casually existing and not actively using it so that she doesn't run out. During active combat, the zone will shrink by one foot per round of posting.

    Skill Sheet

    Physical Skills

    Durability: Trained
    Speed: Adept
    Stamina: Trained
    Strength: Beginner
    Energy Control: Beginner

    Mental Skills

    Focus: Trained
    Mental Deduction: Beginner
    Willpower: Trained
    Hand-to-Hand Skill: Beginner
    Weapon Skill: Adept

    Roleplay Sample

    Roleplay Sample: The sun was setting over the hills outside of Miyatama as she came into the city limits. Tired, hungry, and sweaty, Kaminari found herself slumping into the city and barely able to keep her eyes open. The only thing that kept her body moving was the idea of finding her Father. She was so close. He could be just around the corner, but she knew that was doubtful. She needed to find the Irumi Inn, the place he was going to stay while in Miyatama. But where was she to start in a city like this?

    That was when it hit her, the wonderful sweet smell of freshly baked cakes. She could tell where the aroma was coming from. It was a small tea house just a few feet away. She still had some money to spare for her time in Miyatama and this would be her first purchase. Feeling the empty pit of her stomach beg to be filled, the desire for something sweet only increasing, she hurried through the front entrance and made her way to a table to be served. Luckily, a fresh batch had been made, so she was served quickly.

    A small plate was sat down in front of her with a small cup of tea with it. She put her hand over the hot liquid and enjoyed the feeling of the steam warming up her palm. It had been a cold day and it was getting even colder as the sun lowered. She took a quick sip to quench her thirst and warm herself. Once that settled in her empty stomach, she picked up the sweet roll and began to enjoy. Apparently, she enjoyed it more than she realized, since a customer commented on her humming being "cute." How embarrassing.

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