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    Fallen Template

    Name: Tsubine Zanifir von Zarkonheinz III
    Age: 22
    Sex: Male
    Original Race: Elf


    Tsubine von Zarkonheinz [APPROVED; 2-3; A] 4WKQIz

    Tsubine is proud of many things. Himself, surely, but more than that, he is proud of his family. This doesn't just mean his immediate family. The von Zarkonheinz family came from nothing and became one of the six great families of Cryewell—by winning the Chairman Election. Why shouldn't he be proud of his ancestors' work? He announces his full name if his family's honor is trampled upon—as a challenge to whoever tries to besmirch a successful name. But of course, any challenge must be backed up. Tsubine feels himself to be unbeatable, especially now that he has become a Fallen. With his perceived immortality, he's more capable of holding his own through prolonged fights. He's more willing to take risks that would kill a normal man, but would leave him just fine. It might be painful, but it's not really fatal. Well, not in his sense.

    Tsubine has his way of doing things. He is strangely predictable and deviations make him paranoid and anxious. If he has to take an alternative route home because of unannounced road construction, he assumes it's a trap—funneling as they call it. Tsubine does not let others touch his things willingly. His way of doing things is the only right way—his order is a perfect order for him. While this does speak to his ego, it's also just what he expects. He likes his clothes washed a certain way, his towels folded to an exact, and an exact number of ice cubes in his drinks. Any more, he takes out. Any less, he asks for enough to match that number. He does not ask for much from other people—but what he asks he expects to be followed to the letter.

    Tsubine is the type to look someone in the eyes and tell them "go ahead and tell someone, they won't believe you." he does strange things, seemingly on a whim. He has bad direction sense, so he's more lost than found. He's known to leave hours before an appointment because he knows he'll get lost. It isn't because he's distracted, but rather that obstacles annoy him and his choice of routes seems to change based on how long he feels like a certain direction will take him to get to his destination. These detours are routinely found out by him when he realizes he might not even be in the right town. "Ah, right, I'm lost" is a common motto of his before turning back the way he came as if nothing had been said.

    Howeve, the strangest quirk of Tsubine's goes to his ego. He is slightly taller than most people. He stands at 6'1 without his boots, which give him about an extra three-quarters of an inch in height due to them being thick-soled. Tsubine, usually during casual conversation, will give a single pat on the head when he feels someone shorter than him has done something admirable or said something he thinks is correct. This usually happens once per conversation, but it can occur more than once if the other person is being profound. The odd thing about these headpats is that they are given only to people who are six inches shorter than him or more. For every 6 inches shorter than the initial 6 inches, they get an additional headpat—thus someone at 5'3 would get 2 headpats, someone at 4'9 would get 3, etc. He does not give any warning.

    Likes: Garai, Eira, metalurgists, Cardollan, baths
    Dislikes: Hippies, pacifists, being on a boat, showers

    Tsubine was born not long before his twin sister, Eira. He was the second son of the family, only behind Garai. His father and mother, Ryouvei and Lyra, were proud of their newborns. Tsubine was always enthralled by the stories of the family. His uncle Ekain was a historian and loved telling those stories almost as much as he loved his own mustache. Uncle Ekain and Tsubine were close, and Ekain even offered to adopt the boy to have as his heir. Although that never happened, Tsubine learned just what it meant to be a von Zarkonheinz. He understood that the name he carried was a burden as well as a blessing.

    Tsubine was the type to excel in only a handful of subjects. Although he was sent to the prestigious Emberhurst Academy, a boarding school in the far north of Cryewell. It was the school of Cryewell's elite, and it had a longstanding commitment to the Six Families. Tsubine excelled in history and their civics classes, but in every other subject he struggled. Nothing interested him as much as learning of the mistakes and triumphs of people in the past. He managed passing, but barely, grades in those basic subjects. When students were taught noble arts, such as dueling, he still didn't have much success.

    That was until the class on law. His self-assured attitude made everything seem like he was correct. Even if he was arguing something he knew to be false, he was sure in his argument. He did not stammer, stutter, or choke up. He let it flow out naturally, and his classmates were afraid of debating him. When magic refinement was taught, Tsubine was one of the students sent to the exterior, open grounds. His magic was regularly destructive and provided those skilled in reconstruction or earth-based magic with sufficient practice.

    To Tsubine, this was becoming more enjoyable. Uninteresting classes were overridden by him proving his superiority. He was proving that the von Zarkonheinz family was the dominant family in Cryewell. He was proving his superiority over the other scions of the families. He did not graduate with flying colors, but he did graduate with enough honors from his few excelling subjects to be noted. Upon graduation, Ryouvei gave Tsubine the title of heir after Garai had refused it. Tsubine was officially going to be in charge of the von Zarkonheinz family once his father passed away.

    For the next few years, Tsubine spent time greasing elbows in the upper echelons of society. He was invited into First Twilight, where he served in the Second Echelon. He gained some renown as a bodyguard. Tsubine was confident and he didn't look like a bodyguard—instead he looked like the one being guarded. So, he would be rushed, not the other person. Although local medics and construction workers didn't particularly care for his practices, his protectees were glad to see themselves unharmed. Tsubine only had to be "serious" once, which entailed him using his most prized weapon to fight a would-be assassn yet successful thief.

    Things changed with the most recent election for the Umbral Board Chairman. Ryouvei was running, and Tsubine was more than happy to work with getting his father elected. He greased elbows and campaigned for his father. But of course, things changed. Three days before the election, Tsubine heard the worst news possible. The car carrying his father exploded during a parade. Garai, Eira, and he were off doing personal business. Ryouvei and Lyra were killed instantly. Tsubine was devastated. Uncle Ekain was wounded and walked Tsubine through the process of becoming head. Due to the election process being disrupted, a third party was chosen to represent the country until the next election. This angered some, but Tsubine approved of it.

    The investigation didn't turn up any major leads. There were hints that it might not be attached to the election, but those tips were unable to be proven. Tsubine felt, in his heart, that it was a political rival from one of the four "old" families. And since justice could not be meted out by the authorities, Tsubine decided to take things into his own hands. As he tried to figure out what was going on, he was attacked multiple times. After nearly dying to one of these, he decided he needed to be stronger. Thus, Tsubine started looking into dark magic, which is how he stumbled across Soulbinding. He performed the ritual himself, and it almost went terribly bad. Tsubine doesn't remember much about it, but he does remember waking up, covered in spittle and vomit from an apparent seizure. But he found the emptiness within him to contain something... He felt the spark of power, and so he began searching again. He would find the person or persons responsible.

    Skills & Equipment
    Chain Fighter: Tsubine's primary form of combat is that of using Cavera, a rope dart-like weapon. Its range and multitude of uses assists in creating a zone around Tsubine where man dare not tread. It is what he calls an "absolute defense zone," as he know the movements of his chain entirely.

    Determination: Tsubine is willing to give up his soul in order to find the people responsible for his parents' death.This man will go through whatever hell he can to get to the bottom of anything plaguing him.

    Strange Knowledge: Tsubine knows a few things too well. He can identify alcohol by aroma and taste down to a vintage. He knows how to identify weapon smiths with their works. He has a jeweler's eye and a pianist's fingers. He may not know how to apply a lot of his knowledge, but he does have the knowledge.


    Tsubine von Zarkonheinz [APPROVED; 2-3; A] TNGZby
    Avespira: Avespira is the main magical item Tsubine has. It is impossible to call it a proper weapon, although it can be used as one. It has an abnormal shape that doesn't match what would normally be classified as something specialized like a sword. While it has a grip, handguard, and is the same length as a longsword, the section that should contain a blade deviates from the normal form of an edged weapon. The "blade" itself and the tip of the sword, spun in a spiral shape, are dull. It has the shape of a cylindrical, drill-shaped pillar made up of three independently rotating segments engraved with crimson lines almost like veins that spin slowly in alternating direction like querns, the middle segment spinning clockwise and the top and bottom segments spinning counterclockwise.

    Although it is attuned currently to his specific Forgefire and Gilded Forge, it is an item first and foremost. It is something passed down the von Zarkonheinz family heads. Avespira collects the fire produced by Forgefire to power it, using it to spin the three sections. Its complex system is only capable of being powered by an extreme heat or by extreme amounts of flame, neither of which can be naturally forced within its form. Its segments are made of iridium, giving it its capability to withstand such intense heat.

    Avespira works by using the aforementioned flames to create enough heat to cause localized, controlled heat bursts. These are gusty winds accompanied by a rapid increase in temperature and humidity. Magic woven into the weapon's metal increases the spinning speed and allows for control. A simple spin-up—the quickest way to use Avespira's ability—increases the temperature by about thirty degrees 10 feet away from Avespira and has a wind speed of 40 miles per hour at about 5 feet away. A charged spin, without releasing it, increases the temperature by up to 50 degrees in as many feet. The wind speed is up to about 70 miles per hour and extends to up to 20 feet away. This can start to tear apart buildings if held for too long, and luckily Tsubine can only hold a maximum charge for two posts at this time. The true terror of Avespira comes from launching that gust of superheated wind—something capable only from a full charge.

    When launched, Avespira moves relatively slow compared to the other forms of attack Tsubine can use. It moves only at about 20 miles per hour. Its speed is hindered by objects in its way. When released, the true destruction of the weapon is apparent. Because of its speed and the rapid change of temperature, lightning (colored red to match the Prime Energy of Avespira) shoots out naturally, striking at random. This rarely hits anyone, but it is still a hazard. Avespira's gust is only capable of traveling for 200 yards before dissipating due to being weakened by the natural winds and temperature. Tsubine can only fire a fully charged Avespira once per post. Doing so reduces his Stamina by one rank for three posts.

    Tsubine von Zarkonheinz [APPROVED; 2-3; A] 7luAVo
    Cavera: Cavera is Tsubine's second main weapon. Although many may see him as a swordfighter, the fact is that is not his preferred weapon. Tsubine's preferred weapon is Cavera—a one-of-a-kind variation on the old Naezri rope dart. Instead of being a dart on a rope, it is a blade at the end of a length of chain. It is only lightly enchanted, which makes it more terrifying. The first is a self-cleaning enchantment which cleans off blood, mud, and other things that would get stuck on the chain or the blade. It also polishes itself. This is not an instant process, as it takes an hour minimum to complete. The second enchantment is that the chan will never pinch the skin of the wielder. This means Tsubine is able to wrap the chain around his bare skin and not worry about the chain doing what a normal chain would do. The last enchantment is that it will never knot up. If a knot is detected, the chain automatically will unwind itself by phasing the metal links through one another. Cavera is named after who forged it, a wandering Cardol smith. The chain is 18 feet long, much longer than a normal rope dart. The handle is about eight inches long, as is the blade.

    Tsubine's magic is split between Gilded Forge and Forgefire. The Gilded Forge is his magic's secondary, but more notable effect. Thanks to his becoming a Fallen, its effects have expanded (see his Boon section below). The basic effect is being able to create item of metal or fire-treated materials such as wood or glass. They all come from the Gilded Forge, which appears as golden-hued ripples in the area behind him. These may look very ornate and may feel and appear as rare metals, but in truth they are all counted as steel—and not particularly good steel either. These creations are limited and only have aspects of them that are done in a forge. Thus if he were to create a pen, it would not have any ink (unless the ink was fire). Tsubine can draw these items calmly or he can fire them from the forge itself—at which point they travel at around the speed of a bolt from a standard crossbow. Tsubine can create up to twenty pounds of items per post. This could be any combination of items to add up to 20 pounds. If need be, he could even just create a twenty-pound ball of iron and shoot it like a cannon. However, he can only use his maximum for three posts before wearing himself out enough to need a two-post break without magic. He can safely make 15 pounds per post without wearing himself out too quickly. There is also a function of the forge that Tsubine uses for very few things—storage. Tsubine is able to currently store three items within it. One might think this would include his Soulbound Item, but it is not. If a Soulbound item is stored within the Gilded Forge, it functions as being more than fifty feet away, and time passes three times as fast for the Soulbound the item is bound to. Due to that, it is impossible for Tsubine to force a Soulbound item into the Gilded Forge. Currently, only Avespira, Cavera, and Tsubine's wallet are stored within the forge.

    Forgefire is the primary aspect of Tsubine's magic. Tsubine can only bring out Forgefire from a metal source within 10 feet of himself. It is not actual fire in the sense of a raging inferno. Instead, it is a stream of fire up to a foot in diameter. At maximum, it burns at about 1400°F—at which point iron scaling (Iron(II,III) oxide, Fe3O4) begins to form on iron. However, Tsubine usually keeps this at about half that. It does not produce heat beyond a foot of itself. It can extend for up to 100 yards away from Tsubine, and any movement will cause the extending line to mimic it like a rope. That is truly the best way to describe it—an expanding rope of fire. Tsubine can split his Forgefires up into distances. He could have one at 100 yards, or two at 50 yards, or three at 33 yards, etc. It travels at the same speed as a weapon fired from his Gilded Forge.

    Fallen Abilities

    Curse: Soul-Bound
    Boon: The Boon Tsubine gained from his Curse is that of further access to the Gilded Forge. Originally, it could only recreate a single weapon—a very plain sword. The item Tsubine's soul is bound to is a gold necklace. This necklace is actually not pure gold, but it is coated in gold enough that it cannot be called much else. This gave the Gilded Forge the ability to forge other shapes of metal within itself. This can be jewelry or other weapons, although it is never extraordinarily detailed—thus he could not forge currency with it. Certain metals, such as silver, gold, and platinum are even more taxing on Tsubine too.

    Skill Sheet
    Click here for more information on the skill sheet. Do not fill this out until after approval.

    Physical Skills

    Energy Control:

    Mental Skills

    Mental Deduction:
    Hand-to-Hand Skill:
    Weapon Skill:

    Roleplay Sample
    Roleplay Sample:
    Kei was actually fine with her kidou being where it was. It encompassed her Kaidou which was undoubtedly her best skill. The only problem with it is that she didn't have enough reiryoku to power any of the higher-level Kidou. It was an issue that would remedy itself as she grew stronger. If she grew stronger. Kei shook that thought out of her head. No, there was no if she would grow stronger. Lilith was going to try to teach her. That Lilith. Kei would become more skilled, more powerful, and more... something because of her tutor. Doubt was not something she could, or would, abide by.

    Kei listened with full attention to everything Lilith said. Hakuda would be the lesson of the day? Great. It was not a fully sarcastic "great," but one that muddled the line of genuine enthusiasm and dread. She'd learn from one of the best Shinigami when it came to Hakuda, so it would work out. It just happened to be that her tutor was among the more terrifying Shinigami. Kei's heart sank as Lilith proclaimed it was to be a one-time thing. Palpable disappointment loomed over her as she thought it was only going to happen once. So Kei was going to have to work twice as hard. If she only had one shot, it was going to count.

    Like before, Kei stayed silent as Lilith spoke. It was a philosophy lesson first. It was good to start out that way, as Kei had never heard that particular quote before. It was mainly because most medics were well-protected. She never thought of the situation where she wouldn't have that protection. Kei never thought that if something happened to her, that her patient might die too. Maybe... she was looking at this all wrong. Maybe, just maybe, her being a doctor was a way to protect? It was a conundrum that racked her brain. She decided that was a thought best put off until later, but something was telling her to return to that thought as soon as she had time alone.

    Kei's face was showing how hard the thoughts from before had affected her. Doubt and confusion were most prominent. She looked like a child who was on the verge of answering an extremely difficult math problem. Her lips were tight and slightly puffed out. Her brow was furrowed, and she gazed out at something that wasn't there. Kei was deep in thought until she decided it wasn't the time or place to re-learn her entire philosophy. Lilith moved into an offensive stance, and Kei attempted to snap out of it. Her mind was still somewhat fuzzy from that line of thought. She was given a situation and was told what her goal was. She was to be the last line of defense for her leader. Kei actually had to think about who was in charge this month. It seemed that the position of Captain-Commander was a revolving door for one reason or another.

    Kei nodded. She could do this. She whispered that phrase to herself multiple times. She was going to protect him... Kei thought she understood what Lilith wanted. Kei would not use her Zanpakutou or her Kidou. She wouldn't even use Hohou. This was going to be Hakuda training. Kei took a rookie's stance. It was basic, but not unskilled. She wasn't close to falling over, but she had work that would need to be done. The stance she took was one of total defense. She couldn't defeat Lilith. She couldn't defeat that Arrancar either. Fighting like that would only endanger herself and the patient. So Kei was going to out-last the aggressor.

    Kei saw the punch coming and thought of many ways to deal with that. Well, many being two. She could dodge or she could block it. Kei decided to take the blow herself. Sort-of. Kei swung her arms in an arc to attempt to deflect the blow. She knew she wouldn't have the strength in just one arm—she would need both of them. If the attempt succeeded, Kei would then ram her shoulder into Lilith's front. This would hopefully knock her back. It was a tactic to keep Lilith a certain distance away. She'd have to do it carefully though. Lilith was much, much stronger than her.


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    First Application Checklist

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    Tier: 2-3
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    Skills Given: 1 Expert, 2 Advanced, 2 Adept
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