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    Serenity Verdant [APPROVED, 2-2 D] Empty Serenity Verdant [APPROVED, 2-2 D]

    Post by [TheSerenity] on Sat Apr 28, 2018 5:57 am

    Name: Serenity Verdant
    Age: 21
    Sex: Female
    Race: Elf
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 115

    Appearance Picture:

    Serenity Verdant [APPROVED, 2-2 D] AP1

    Personality: Serenity is a shy and timid, but friendly girl with a desire for travel and adventure! Her shyness comes from a lack of normal social skills. Her power has always prevented her from being like other people, so her emotional compass is much different than others. This has made her a insecure, so she tiptoes around new people. Serenity's shyness isn't what people expect. It comes out in forms of actual clumsiness, not silence, stuttering, and blushing like you normally see with other people.

    Serenity's curious and adventurous nature is often put on hold out of fear or other obligations. Mostly, it's put off because of fear. She doesn't want to go alone because she's not a fighter and the world is scary. She often ends up keeping to herself in her little cabin to avoid people who think she's weird or stupid. Serenity can be absent minded. She has a habit of letting things go in one ear and out the other, especially if she's curious about something. It's not on purpose. She's just got a one track mind.

    Serenity is used to being independent. Since she's been a lone for a while now, her farming and hunting skills come in handy. She doesn't go to the stores to buy her food, but often hunts and grows it herself. She keeps a rather large garden and sales her produce when she needs the money. While she does enjoy trips into town every now and then, Serenity prefers smaller and quieter places. It's not that crowds bother her too much, but she worries about the effects of her power on people unaware of her.

    Likes: Tea, gardening, and the outdoors. Wants to travel.
    Dislikes: Loud places, mean people, snails, and cranberry.

    History: Serenity is not her birth name, but the name given to her by those who found her in the middle of her parent's farm. Her adoptive parents told her that she was crying and they brought her in. They wanted a child, but could never conceive, so she was an answer to their prayers. As she grew, she proved to have abilities that were very impressive. She was able to calm a pack of wolves just by holding her arms up. A robber told her his entire life story because she asked him why he was a thief.

    These events led her family to believe that she was some sort of miracle worker. She made people feel better just by being there. Once she came into her parents' lives, the two of them rarely ever argued about anything and every problem they did have seemed tiny. When she was ten, they saved enough money to send her to Rydian Academy for a few classes. They couldn't afford many, so she only took a few that concentrated on the usage, the understanding, and the controlling her Arcana.

    It was less than a year, but she was able to find out enough about her power. She was more determined than people expected. For the time she was at Rydian, she was one of the top students and was even offered a scholarship because of the uniqueness of her abilities, but she turned it down. Serenity was a family farm girl through and through. In other words, she missed home too much and wanted to return quickly. When she returned, however, her entire life was turned upside down... and not smoothly.

    Serenity knew something was wrong when the front door was open. She pushed in and noticed all the lights were off. She tried to look around, but it was dark. The sun had just gone down and she couldn't find a light. She created one with her Arcana, but right as she did, she tripped over something and fell into a puddle. She quickly realized what it was and jumped to her feet. She was covered in blood and her parents were dead. She had tripped over her Father's foot. After a moment of stillness, she screamed.

    Serenity was found three days later sitting on the ground in some sort of mind break. She hadn't moved and was quickly taken to the hospital. It took three months for her to speak again and all investigations about her parents had been halted as unsolved crimes. Everyone told her the best thing she could do was let it go and move on with her life like her parents wanted. She did so, proving to be stronger than most would think. It also helped that her powers always helped her look on the bright side.

    Serenity moved into a cabin in a forest north of Lighthaven. She was a two hour walk from Lighthaven. She lived a quiet life out there for four years before realizing she wanted to explore the world. However, every time she thought she might try, the reality of a harsh world set in on her. She wasn't a fighter. She could hunt, fish, and pick out herbs, but her ability to actually defend herself was non-existent. If she were to ever leave home, she needed someone with her, but... didn't know anyone to help her.

    Skills & Equipment


    Gardening: She's a very skilled gardener and it's proven merely by seeing her home.

    Herbs/Spices: She can make minor medicines, but also blend spices very well.

    Cook: She's an extremely capable cook. Her best meal is beef stew.

    Seamstress: She's a capable clothes maker. She can sew, knit, and crochet very well. The clothes she makes are usually for girls, but shirts for either gender are easy. She can't make mittens no matter how hard she tries and it makes her puffy faced angry.


    Purification: This is the easiest way to describe her power. She is a purifier. She cleans things. This removes the dirt, dark, and contaminant from just about anything you can think of. Her power gives her the ability to clean on a physical, mental, and energy level. Serenity's actual abilities are named and described below.

    Aura of Serenity: Yep, play on the name there. This aura extends out for twenty feet. Those within the aura are overcome with feelings of warmth, kindness, and security. The aura calms the angry and scared. It dissuades the violent and can guide the lost. Those with a higher Willpower than Serenity can overcome it easily and recognize the magical manipulation. However, just because they are aware of it, does not mean they don't feel it still happening. They can fight and overcome it as long as they stay aware.

    Cleanse: This ability cleanses the body of foreign contaminants. Poisons, sickness, and other things that do not naturally belong in a body will be broken down and removed. While this can affect things like implants, it more than likely won't because of the size of implants. This precise and difficult spell actually focuses on tinier objects, like germs and other diseases. She can use this spell for up to five hours with ease.

    Snap: This is called snap because that's the motion she makes to cast this spell. It's nothing more than a small orb of her Arcana formed in the palm of her hand. While she normally uses it just to make light for herself, the ball does emit waves of purity and tranquility. Evil flees from it and will be burned if they touched it. There is no reason to put a cool down on this as it's not combative and it's as easy as breathing to her.

    Skill Sheet

    Physical Skills

    Energy Control:

    Mental Skills

    Mental Deduction:
    Hand-to-Hand Skill:
    Weapon Skill:

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