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    Post by [TheSerenity] on Sat Apr 28, 2018 6:18 am

    Name: Celena Sakkari
    Nicknames: Aqua
    Age: 65
    Sex: Female
    Race: Skinwalker
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 185

    Appearance Picture:

    Celena Sakkari [APPROVED, 1-4 A] AP1

    Personality: Whether it’s the Skinwalker of Water, Sea, or the Ocean, Celena is okay with all of these titles. She takes pride in all three as all three have proven to embody who she is and the powers she possesses. It’s easy to see that she’s extremely protective over the Ocean and all bodies of water that cover the planet. It’s where she spends ninety-five percent of her time. There is no other place that Celena feels more clear-headed, more relaxed, and more at home than when she’s in the water.

    Celena can seem cold and uncaring, but that's not really who she is. Celena has lived a large portion of her life away form people, so her social skills her lacking. Her cold look comes from her eyes when she’s not smiling. Her quiet and calm, curious, or contemplative expression shows with slightly wide eyes and very little of anything else, which makes her seem like she’s staring into your soul. Some could compare it to the wide-eyed nature of animals, fish for example, but without any mouthy expression.

    Celena’s voice is as appealing as the melody of songbirds and as calming as the ocean waves washing onto a sandy shore. For someone with little interaction with society, she’s quite the articulate one. She speaks with the ability to captivate her audience. She radiates confidence with her elegant and dignified ways of just being. Every move she makes is elegant, smooth and meaningful. The same way she does not waste her words, she does not waste her movements. All because she understands her place.

    Celena is a woman with purpose. She knows her path and has not deviated from it for a moment. She is a woman who fully understands her place in the world and has no doubts in her mission. That mission is the protection of the ocean,  then seas, and life within them. With no insecurities to hold her back, she naturally helps others better themselves. She is an inspiring woman, who believes that everyone has the right to and can accomplish the goals that they have set out for, if they are willing to work for it.

    Coming with the soft and melodic voice is a talent for singing. And coming with the grace, elegance, and flexibility is also a talent for dancing. Her songs aren't what is on the mainstream. She sings more lullaby type songs. They are meaningful, soft, and melodic and she often accompanies them with her dances. Celena does not have a type of dance that she does. She hasn't been formally trained, but if you could compare her dancing to any styles it would be belly dancing, ballet, and contemporary dance.

    Celena is gentle, generous, and gracious in all meanings of the words. She is helpful, cooperative and can be very forgiving. It’s kind of hard to find a negative trait about her. That is, until she starts talking about beauty. Celena has a very strict view of what she thinks is beautiful. Living in the ocean, her view of beauty is the color blue and bright colors. Blacks, browns, and greys are very unattractive colors that she’ll describe as “hideous.” The more vibrant the color is, the more she’ll like it.

    Celena is conceited and prideful, so she can easily offend people around her. She thinks very highly of herself, which can be connected to the amount of confidence she exudes and her lack of social skills. She doesn’t hold back complimenting herself and sees herself as a masterpiece of sorts, and believes everyone else should see her the same way. She treats her body like a temple, like it’s a sacred thing that must be taken care of and damaging it is among the highest crimes that someone could commit.

    Likes: Ocean, sea, rivers, lakes, pools, baths... water.
    Dislikes: Dry air, hot days, deserts.

    History: Most are born on land, but that wasn't the case with me. I was born in the depths of the ocean, deep in darkness. For years, I didn't know there was a surface as I never thought to go up. For that same amount of time, I was only a consciousness that moved throughout the currents. It took an accident to realize that I could coalesce into a full form. I looked like those who floated along the surface of the ocean.

    It was the first time I was able to move onto land and into the beams of the sun. I can't say I liked it at first. The heat was unbearable and the air wasn't something I was used to. I could breathe like everyone else seemed to, but it felt off. I ended up watching groups of families and couples along the shores of the ocean. I dared not stray too farm from it. It seemed they all used the ocean as something to play and relax in.

    The land creatures were an interesting bunch. I traveled along shorelines for weeks to observe them. At one point, I'm pretty sure I crossed some border as their languages shifted and their appearances changed. Clothing and architecture changed as well, but that wasn't what was most interesting to me. The most interesting part was the change in skin tone. Mine was pale and white while those in this area were dark... brown.

    I left. I couldn't understand why someone would change their skin to such a color. Only later did I realize that they were born that way, it was completely natural, and I had likely seriously offended a lot of people. Oh well. You live and learn. I just made the decision not to return there for some time. Hopefully, no one would be there and recognize me. I really don't need that kind of drama in my life or on my conscience.

    I continued observing the people on land for the years to come, but my mind soon focused on my own being. The powers I had idly used as if they were second nature were something I began to develop. I gained control over the waters I lived in and learned to generate it by pulling it from the air. Turns out, there's water just about everywhere. Plants, bodies, animals, and even the air had traces of water within them.

    This discovery led me to one of the most powerful techniques I ever developed. At first, controlling the water within others was fun and a dark piece of me began seeing them as my play things. However, when a young child startled me and I sent him flying with the wave of a hand, I decided that I'd only do such a heinous thing if it were to aid the innocent. I will forever regret the moment that I harmed that little one.

    In recent years... recent meaning the last five to ten years of my rather long lived life, I came to understand more about the creatures on land. Though many of them looked as part of the same species, I learned the differences between Elves, Dwarves, and Humans. I even learned about magical beings called Aetherlings and what I would be considered by these people. Apparently, I am something called a Skinwalker.

    Being the descendant of old gods seemed fitting. My control over water was my domain or "origin." It did make me curious about the Skinwalker that came before me. What were they like? Did they die so I could be born? Did they ave a family? Was I like their child? Or was I just them having lived a second time? There were many questions I wanted to answer, but there was only one place I could find them: land.

    Skills & Equipment


    Hand-to-Hand: Celena has no style. She has no techniques and no formal training that could be named here. She merely has experience and the guidance of the world around her. She doesn't often use a weapon, but she does have the skill to if needed. However, Celena's hand-to-hand ability is more impressive than most expect from a woman as dainty as her. Her hand-to-hand style consists of a dance-like movements as graceful and ever-changing as water itself. With movements as fluid as the flow of water, her body is treated like whips in attacks and rubber bands in defense. Her movements are quick, precise, and can throw someone off because of their unpredictable nature.

    Staff User: While it's normally a staff, she can use a spear or other form of pole-arm weapons. Her skill with all of these is proficient enough that she can hold her own against most opponents. She is not formally trained as her skill comes from watching people from afar and practicing on her own. Her skill is not much about technique like most traditional practitioners. It's reactionary. Her higher agility and speed have allowed a more reaction based style of fighting. However, there is a blaring weakness about it if people catch on and that's the fact that lacking technique gives way to special maneuvers. Things she hasn't seen before will throw her off balance.


    The White Lance: Stolen from the cargo of a sunken ship, Celena has kept this staff for quite some time now because of it's beauty and usefulness. It is not magical and it doesn't give any sort of bonuses. However, it is made out of a strong material that Celena has yet to figure out. It's not wood or stone. The Lance is extremely heavy, so someone of trained strength or lower can't use it. See the picture below:

    Celena Sakkari [APPROVED, 1-4 A] Lance


    Celena calls her magic "The Essence of the Ocean"

    In reality, her magic is the manipulation and generation of water. As expected from someone like her, Celena is pretty much a water elemental.

    Senses: She can sense water within 500 feet of her location.

    Manipulation: As long as it is within her sensory range, she can manipulate water.

    Generation: She can generate water using her energy. Range on this is 20ft.

    Amount: Celena can control 1 acre-foot of water at a time. If you want a comparison... a football field is about 1.32 acres. Imagine something about the size of a football field and then imagine that 1 foot deep. That's about the amount of water she can control.

    Temperature: She can manipulate the temperature of water to boiling and even push it to create steam. Or she can cool the water enough to turn it to ice.

    The Language of the Ocean: She can speak to any animal that comes from the water, whether they originate from the river, lake, sea, or ocean. They trust her easily.

    Night Time Strength: During the night, as long as there is even a sliver of the moon visible in the sky, Celena gains a power boost. Her "senses" and "generation" range is doubled. She can summon aquatic animals and command them as well. During times where this is not active, she'll be considered 3 subtiers lower than she is graded.

    Natural Form

    Natural Form Description: Her natural form is water. She can mesh with it in an instant. She can control the same amount of water in this form. If you want an example of how this looks, just look up pictures of the ocean from Moana.

    Skill Sheet

    Physical Skills

    Energy Control:

    Mental Skills

    Mental Deduction:
    Hand-to-Hand Skill:
    Weapon Skill:

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