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    Elwyn [Approved: 2-5, C] Empty Elwyn [Approved: 2-5, C]

    Post by [TheSerenity] on Sat Apr 28, 2018 6:50 am

    Name: Elwyn "of the Ensandrean"
    Nicknames: Ellie
    Age: 24
    Sex: Female
    Race: Elf
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 135

    Appearance Picture:

    Elwyn [Approved: 2-5, C] AP2


    Personality: Sometimes a person's demeanor doesn't reflect their heart. In Elwyn's case, this is practically her way of life. She is very good at compartmentalizing for the sake of her Clan. She separates herself emotionally from people important to her in order to make sure her Clan succeeds. She can easily keep secrets from those she loves in order to protect them or the clan. This is what she was trained to do.

    Elwyn comes off very harsh, immovable, and uncaring toward anything but her duty to the Clan. Over the years, she's offended and hurt her sisters in ways that she never wanted to because of it. The alienation that happened because of her duty made her very independent and self-reliant. She's gotten to the point where she won't open up to anyone. Even the Elders of the Ensandrean have noticed this trend and worry about it.

    Ever since her the disappearance of the twins, Elwyn has been on a mission to find them. The only sister left behind decided to travel with her, something she greatly appreciated, even though they didn't get along. There is nothing more important than finding her sisters. Anything or anyone that gets in the way of that will anger her. Elwyn isn't one to rest or relax either. She pushes and sometimes a little too hard.

    Elwyn is a lot more caring than people think. She's a lot more sensitive than people think. That hard exterior is both a defense mechanism and a result of difficult training. In reality, Elwyn is pretty lost. She seems like someone who knows what she's doing and what she stands for, but she's not. If she's ever honest with herself, she'll realize that she lost who she was the moment her parents died and she became Chief.

    Likes: Quiet and tranquility, organization and planning. Reading romance, mystery, and adventure genres. Playing the flute. Riding horseback. Animals and nature.

    Dislikes: Spontaneity, surprises, randomness, "winging it."


    History: Elwyn is the current heir to the Ensandrean Clan in Cardollan. She has three younger sisters, as is tradition with the leader of the Ensandrean Clan, and has been taking care of them ever since she was eleven. The second born is four years younger than her. The third and fourth born are twins and are seven years younger than her. When their parents died in a hunting accident, Elwyn became responsible for them.

    Ever since she was a little girl, Elwyn has been drawn to nature. It didn't surprise her parents much when she turned four and she was growing flowers with a wave of her hand or calling birds to her side. They always knew that their daughter was special. They raised her to be kind, passionate, and responsible. Unfortunately, when they passed away, the elders of the Ensandrean Clan decided to change Elwyn's upbringing.

    They ignored the fact that she was just a child and decided that her duty to the Clan was more important than living out her childhood happy. The moment her parents died, Elwyn was not allowed to play with her sisters, she attended clan meetings, dealt with criminals, planned battles, trained, and trained even more in order to fight alongside her Clan when and if the time came. Her life became nothing less than miserable.

    When she was young, the relationship Elwyn had with her sisters was happy. Becoming leader of the Ensandrean was the worst thing that ever happened to that. Elwyn became stoic and seemingly uncaring. She was never around her sisters because of her training. When they asked things of her, even when those things were minor, Elwyn always put the safety of the clan first. It was like she forgot she was a sister.

    The worst news came when Elwyn was woken up in the middle of the night by the guard. The message they had sent Elwyn on what seems to be an unending quest, since she's still on it. Turns out, the twins decided to run away and left a single note saying goodbye. They didn't say where they were going and warned Elwyn not to follow. They didn't consider her their sister anymore, words that sting her to this day.

    Elwyn took two magical items recognized as leadership in the Ensandrean Clan that day. She took the Ensandrean Crown, the strange wings she wears on her head. She also took the Viridian Bow, a legendary weapon that notes the strongest warrior in her Clan. The Elders attempted to stop her, but the training they forced Elwyn through became their undoing. She restrained them easily and left to find her sisters.

    Skills & Equipment


    Forest Runner: Elwyn can move through a forest as comfortably as a snake through grass. She does not get tripped up easily at all and can navigate through the trees as effortlessly as a parkour instructor can navigate through the buildings in a city.

    Fencer: Elwyn is a highly skilled fencer. It's her tertiary way of fighting, but that doesn't mean her skill in it is lacking. She's advanced enough to train others.

    Archer: For how skilled Elwyn is at Fencing, she's double skilled in archery. She's been doing all of this since she was eleven, so it's to be expected. While she normally uses archery for hunting, she's recently had to use it to protect herself against people.

    Physical Ability: Elwyn's a runner over anything else. While she can hold her own in a fight, she prefers to avoid them. Her skills aren't usually used for fighting anyway. They're more used for hunting. If you could compare her body to anything in real life, it'd be that of an Olympic athlete, so she's well above being seen as average.


    The Viridian Bow

    Elwyn [Approved: 2-5, C] Bow

    This bow is made from an extremely special wood only found in the Glitterhold Forest located on the North-East edge of Cardollan. The wood is durable and holds magical qualities that enhance the users speed and vision. Their speed stat goes up by one level as long as they're wielding it. Their vision is able to see twice as far as normal. The strength of the bow's wood allows it to shoot twice as far as a normal bow.


    Elwyn's magic has her strongly connected to the aspect of nature. This means plants and wildlife together. She is able to manipulate plants into growing, shrinking, and moving the way she wills. She cannot use stones like the Dwarves can. Her power more concentrates on what people consider "living." This allows her to also bring and take away life from plants as well. While plants are considered "alive," they don't have souls and animals do, so she cannot kill an animal with the wave of her hand. She can communicate with and command animals, but she cannot give or take their lives.

    Elwyn uses her powers by motioning with her hands (nature) or talking (animals). So as long as the plant is within her sight, she can use it. As long as the animal is within her sight or within hearing range, it can choose to come to her side. When it comes to animals, it is by choice. She cannot take their will away, so commanding someone else's companion is not automatic. If it betrays them, then it was their choice.

    Skill Sheet

    Physical Skills

    Energy Control:

    Mental Skills

    Mental Deduction:
    Hand-to-Hand Skill:
    Weapon Skill:


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    Elwyn [Approved: 2-5, C] Empty Re: Elwyn [Approved: 2-5, C]

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