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    Naezri Naezri


    "An apprentice near a temple will recite the scriptures untaught."


    Old and wise Naezri is a land of tradition and strong culture. Their culture is not known for changing and hold their language . For most of their existence the province has isolated themselves from the rest of the world and maintained their own ways for the length of their existence.


    They are considered one of the more mystical cities of Naezri. You'd be more likely to see monks and temple priests in this city. This city while not the capital city would be considered to be the most important one culturally. This is where the leaders of the country are found. It is very well protected both geographically and the military. The city is surrounded and immersed within the Fuyūiwa region of the province where they are known for the phenomenon of floating mountain ranges.

    Miyatama is a city near the Western border of Naezri that is often referred to as the City of Flowers. Miyatama is a very beautiful city filled with possibly the most unique and expressive architecture of Naezrian culture. The area surrounding the city is flat and perfect for farming and there are a notable amount of flowers in the surrounding area, in both the city, outskirts and forests leading to it.

    Found near the sea to the North the small city of Naneung is the oldest city in Naezri's history. Where they once existed before expanding into their entire province. Compared to the other cities Naneung has much older architecture and has remained relatively untouched by more modern building methods and structures. It is a city that symbolises the very nature of their culture. A place that has not changed since it was made.

    Renowned for its reputation of being the place where some of the finest swords are crafted by Naezri. It is known for being a place primarily dedicated to training in the art of the sword whether it's to make them or use them. Suhai caters for all these things. This is a place where masters safekeep their secrets and train their apprentices in their arts. Most of the city is populated by a population of dwarves and the small amount of humans although there are quite a few elves as well the city's nature attracts the races that are known for their crafting.

    Xuzhou [Capital]
    Given that their most sacred city is actually forbidden to outsiders that takes it off the table for political gatherings and the like. As a result the largest but not most important city Xunzhou was considered to be the capital despite their leader actually being there very little. All ambassadors from other regions end up here and are usually greeted by officials of Naezri. It has the highest population of any Naezri settlement....


    Official Language: Yu Naeziri (Korean), Xun Naeziri (Japanese), Amaki Naeziri (Chinese).

    Yu Naeziri is considered to be the oldest form of the Naezri language. It is ridiculously hard to learn and hence why it is very hard to learn by even most Naezri middle-class. Only temples and the highest levels of the province have cared to maintain it, to know it fluently and not be of Naezrian elite is quite the feat and rare occurrence. Xun Naeziri is the standard and modernised language of the province. Amaki Naeziri is considered a more higher tongue amongst nobility.
    Secondary Languages: Common Tongue (English)

    Population: 3 Million.

    Naezri Meta_chart[/center]

    Strong. Proud. Mysterious. All of these words describe the country of Naezri very well. The country boasts a very large military and are known for their military might and proud ways of the warrior. Despite them being very large and renowned they are relatively isolated. The do not care much for outsiders. This is not a manner of hating people and discriminating for racial standing. This is a cultural bias that the country holds overall. They show very little respect towards people that do not assimilate into their culture. It is no surprise as to why people who are wearing foreign clothing and objects are given dirty looks down the street. Ignoring people's own individual quirks the population for the most part present themselves in a controlled and strict way. Respect is key and especially when it comes to Naezrians. To know where you are on the social ladder is important since this comes into play in everyday life. It can be a criminal offence to not behave the right way in front of someone of significant higher standing than yourself.

    Within the nature of their religion and belief system Naezrians tend to be raised to be very open-minded and curious towards what life has to offer. For this reason the Naezrians are very open to characteristics such as sexuality, race and many other aspects of a person. After all within their culture it is normal to live your life before you move onto be reincarnated for this reason in their own time many in Naezri are free to express themselves in their own way as they progress through life however there are things that do not change. The province wants to keep themselves away from the culture of the rest of the world. To say they are multi-cultural would be very wrong. Those that do not at least make an effort to embrace their culture and especially if they try and change other people's minds towards their own are met with discrimination to most.


    Naezri's land has one of the highest concentrations of magical energy within it. For this reason many phenomena occur in this region of the country. Examples would be the floating mountains located in the central region known as the Fuyūiwa region. This area of the province is known for exceptionally high amounts of Mana, causing it to seep out and warp the environment. Outside of this region things are relatively normal, mainly hosting a large amount of forestry and fields with rivers. The area is not known for sands with the exception of the North where the land meets the sea.


    The leader of Naezri is the Fuqīn (Muqīn for Females). They are the sole leader of the Naezri government. As well as being important to the workings of Naezri the Fuqīn holds a significant role within the spiritual side of the culture as well. A strong theme of duality and yin-yang is present within the culture, such is that the Fuqīn is regarded as the reincarnation of the first teacher that taught the ways Naezri has adopted. This role from a hierarchy standpoint is akin to the Emperor of the province. Second to the Fuqīn is a Zhinán which behaves as a spiritual guide. Below the Fuqīn is their students. The Kurochi, known also by the name of Blackbloods or Nightbloods in the common tongue. They are a random occurrence which is incredibly rare in the world and only found in Naezri due to the high concentration of magical energy in the environment. Only a Kurochi is applicable for the role of Fuqīn.

    Naezri is a large area, the Fuqīn cannot maintain the entirety of this province. This results in the appointment of five Kānshu for five regions, with the central one being managed by the Fuqīn, these Kānshu are usually students of the Fuqīn and Kurochi but this is not a necessity. If a person has enough backing by that region then they are considered for the role of Kānshu there.


    Naezri represents a lot of Eastern Culture of the World on the RP setting. They also possess a strong balance between multiple areas such as magic, warriors etc. Offering a range of possible builds for your characters. Due to the environment it allows for a wide variety of races being found within it as well.

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