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    Elf Template

    Name: Masami Otsuka.
    Age: Seventy.
    Sex: Female.

    Appearance Picture:

    Masami Otsuka [WIP] Masami_Otsuka

    Personality: Masami is further down the mature scale than you'd expect. Given that she has reached the mid-way point of her life she is still almost like she was since she was twenty with some exceptions and rough edges chiselled out. She is a person that enjoys the feeling of exploring and travelling, because of this she is not always seen in Naezri and is known by the circles she is as a bit of an odd woman.

    Despite being a Kurochi from birth Masami gave up any claim to the position many years ago to instead pursue her interests in seeing the world and learning about everything else. This created a divide of

    Likes: Battle. Thrills. Adventure. Friends and her Daughter.

    History: (10 sentences minimum)

    Skills & Equipment
    Skills: (Describe what natural things your character can do—from swordfighting to cooking—without the aid of magic)



    Skill Sheet
    Click here for more information on the skill sheet. Do not fill this out until after approval.

    Physical Skills

    Energy Control:

    Mental Skills

    Mental Deduction:
    Hand-to-Hand Skill:
    Weapon Skill:

    Roleplay Sample
    Roleplay Sample: (10 sentences minimum, only required for first character)

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