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    Elf Template

    Name: Melioda Cythe
    Age: 37
    Sex: Female
    Affiliation: Slayers' Guild, Volkhov

    Appearance Picture:
    Melioda Cythe [WIP] Marceline_Abadeer_full_2304701

    Personality: Most assume that Melioda is a mysterious person, and that's not even her fault. See, due to growing up with an old woman who secluded herself from humanity, Melioda has little to no social skills, taking after her mentor the most. In a social setting, Melioda doesn't talk much. Not only does she find enjoyment out of teasing people or leading them along, she just doesn't see a reason to speak much. Most of the time she would keep to herself anyways, completely disregarding others as she's a busy person. People used to tell her she sounded seductive, so after a time she had begun to just roll with it, often labeled as a flirt though rarely do her relationships get past that stage.

    Melioda is also calm and collected, never really showing her emotions unless she's deep into something. Even though she's created, she still feels things such as mercy and empathy, but rarely ever utilizes them, though that's not to say she isn't a nice person she just isn't too often.
    Likes: The wonders of magic, hunting, Lotherian food
    Dislikes: Osynius, people who jump to conclusions, heights

    History: One thing to note about Melioda is that she wasn't born, she was made. Her creator, whom she had called Father, was an alchemist. He, like many other alchemists, had tried his hand with fate multiple times, transmuting some of the forbidden items that one should never make. But he wasn't just your normal alchemist, he was a genius. Out of everyone in the world, he was possibly the closest to the creation of the philosopher stone, a stone of unlimited power.

    Before that though, he had an achievement to claim. Before Melioda, a hommunculi was only myth. A being created by alchemy, who could live and use magic like anyone else, was basically impossible. Something of this feat not only required the ingredients for a body but also the ingredients for a soul, which was just another soul. So, to supply what this recipe demanded, he murdered his wife for the creation of Melioda. Though there came consequences.

    He was cursed into a Dawnbringer, having such grotesque appearance that his neighbors couldn't recognize him and killed him under the assumption of a monster. This left Melioda abandoned, until she was taken in by a wandering sorcerer who taught her magic.  

    Skills & Equipment

    The Dark Soul: A trait that she was born with (put this here because it didn't really fit with the magic section). Since Melioda was created with another's soul, she's treated by the divines as a sort of "unspeakable evil", gifting her the curse of the Dark Soul. This Dark Souls is a corrupt version of one's normal soul, allowing Melioda to be heavily damaged by holy magic or items, basically giving her the treatment of a demon.



    The Lord of Cinder

    To preface, this magic is closely related to Fire Magic, being a weaker and sub-level magic compared to it. Though it makes up what in lacks in strength in utility. The Lord of Cinder is capable of manipulating, creating, and transforming into ash or cinders. While ash is the end result of a flame, cinders are the flakes of a dying flame.

    Skill Sheet

    Physical Skills

    Energy Control:

    Mental Skills

    Mental Deduction:
    Hand-to-Hand Skill:
    Weapon Skill:

    Roleplay Sample
    Roleplay Sample: (10 sentences minimum, only required for first character)

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