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    Skinwalker Template

    Name: Cygni "Ci" Grimsdottir
    Age: 16
    Sex: Female

    Appearance Description: Standing only a hair above five-foot-two, Cygni was one of the shortest people in her tribe. She has charcoal-black hair—it's actually the exact color of charcoal as she can get flakes of it in her hair and it be impossible to see. Cygni is incredibly modest in her clothing, both in material and what it shows. Her ankles and wrists are about the only thing that regularly show. Her legs can show if she starts moving faster than the traditional robe-like garment she wears can keep up. Her clothing is somewhat baggy and lose, hiding a well-developed feminine figure underneath.

    Cygni Grimsdottir [Approved; 3-2, C] 8y2BQw

    Personality: The first thing is that Cygni hates the way her name is spelled. It should be spelled Signi. No, her mother wanted to be "cute" and name her after a swan. She hates being one of those "uniquely" named children. Her hatred of her name was apparent, but the tribe had no system for changing a name. So she was called "Ci" by her tribemates. If it weren't for the fact that she had to sign everything as "Cygni," the name would disappear into obscurity. Even if she could change it, Cygni wouldn't. It's the only thing of her mother's still around.

    Cygni doesn't know much about the world outside of Cardollan except for rumors. She expects Cryewell to be flashy and full of buildings as tall as mountains. She expects Volkov to be full of bearded, proud, potato-eating people. She thinks Rochan will go on for miles without seeing hide nor hair of humans. She thinks that she has an exceptional chance of being accidentally blown up by magic in Lotheria. She thinks that Osynius will try to tell her that a lot of her beliefs are wrong. She's gonna laugh at any attempt for that.

    Cygni is a generally helpful person. Everyone in her tribe helped her out after she was orphaned, so she feels she should do the same. She feels like she should pay it forward as the modern people say. It's impossible to tell when someone is going to need a pick-me-up, so she just tries to be helpful. However, her ways of doing things don't usually work in line with anyone else's thinking. She doesn't have modern knowledge, which is what ends up harming her ability to assist.
    Likes: Hot baths, cold baths, swimming, hiking, drum music
    Dislikes: Glacial Drakes, snakes, the Blue Egret tribe, showering, the feeling of knife against bone

    "Ahhh, so I'm not good at telling this. Even though it is my own life, it is pretty strange isn't it, eh? Well, to begin... I guess I should say that I'm only sixteen. Really, really, reeeeeeally young for a Skinwalker. It's not that common that we even get new babies in most tribes. We all live so long that we don't need to... ah... 'reproduce' a lot. My papa, Grimmr, was one of the tribe's hunters. My ma, Bera, was... well, I don't really remember. She died after bringing me into the world. Papa only told me that she'd love to have met me, and that he loved her. He also told me that she chose my name.

    But well, that's all he got a chance to tell me. Papa died when I was six... or was it five? I don't really remember that well. He died during a hunt. Some beast had moved into our hunting grounds, and we just had to kill it. Papa and two other hunters died. But they got that thing. The chief kept the skull in his tent as a memorial. I got to etch Papa's name into one of the tusks. It was scary. I hated looking at that thing...

    Anyway.... so no one in particular raised me after that. We weren't the biggest tribe, so just about everyone helped me out. Even Chief Thrain helped me a handful of times himself. Well, it was more that no one was else had time to watch me, so he just told me stories and instructed me on how our tribe handled business with other tribes. It wasn't very fun. But because of that, I did get some instruction on the outside world, so there's that.

    I became sort of... a taskmaster for the tribe. If someone needed help with something, I went and found someone who could help within the tribe. I passed messages along too. I... might have ended up having the most gossip in the entire tribe eheh... I learned how many couples were cheating on one another before I even knew what that really meant. I really liked helping people indirectly. I was always smaller than everyone, so I couldn't hunt or fish... but I eventually learned how to stitch and sew. I made clothing for many of my fellow tribesmen. I was really good at making thick clothes like I wear now!

    But, as you know... my time in the tribe wasn't going to be forever. Last year, we went to war with the Blue Egret tribe. Well, it was more like we both were heading for the same hunting grounds and neither tribe wanted to budge. We were in the right, but well, they were bullies. And we lost pretty spectacularly. They lost their chief due to old age before any talks could be made. Their new chief hit us fast and hard. After numerous battles, they attacked our camp. Their chief was a nice young man. He ordered the killing of no one after the invasion proved they were in control. He gave us an option: to die or to disband the Tribe of the Twin Rivers.

    The adults decided to disband. A few joined with the Blue Egrets, but most went to distant relatives' tribes. I had nobody to go with, and I sure wasn't going to join that tribe. No sir-ee. I asked anyone in the tribe if they knew of anyone who I might be related to, and one woman told me that Papa would always complain about his 'clan-abandoning, good-for-nothing, materialistic, bastard brother' who lived in the far west of Empyrea. I took the tusk from that skull, gathered whatever supplies I could get... and well, I started to go west. It was the only way for me to go from there."

    Skills & Equipment
    Survivalist: Cygni, as a former member of one of Cardollan's nomadic tribes, is able to survive on her own. She is capable of basic hunting, fishing, and scavenging skills. She can identify most common and uncommon herbs and berries—and knows if they are poisonous or not. She can do basic, yet crude by modern standards, first aid. She can set broken bones and clean wounds safely.

    Sewing: Cygni's true skill comes from her sewing. While she may not be able to sew anything with an absurdly-intricate pattern, she can sew just about any functional garment with enough time.

    Linguistic Difficulties: Cygni is only versed well in Southern Cardol (Norwegian). She has a basic grasp of Common, but it's very broken and full of grammatical errors. The only other language she knows more than a handful of words in is Volkhhovian, where she can say "I am not a Mage, I am a traveler from the Twin Rivers Clan seeking passage.This is the only thing I can say in your language."

    Equipment: Cygni has some basic supplies for her journey westward: a sewing kit, flint and steel, bone hooks and line for fishing, an extra set of clothes, and other basic survival items.
    Knife: The only weapon Cygni has is a single knife. Well, it's more like a really thick dagger. Its blade is just a tusk of a glacial drake inscribed with the name "GRIMMR YNGVARSSON" crudely etched into it. The handle is made from a Ladryx antler. The weapon itself may look crude, but it is a thing of savage beauty. Cygni keeps the knife in a Ladryx-skin scabbard tied behind her back.

    Cygni doesn't have a very strong magic yet. Hers is more innate and raw. If she takes a piece of an animal—from a tooth to a clump of hair to a feather (although blood does not work)—she can track the direction it is in regards to her. She can not properly guess distance yet, but it is something she can faintly feel. By that, I mean that she has "It's really far away," "It's not that far away," and "I think it's close" as her three measures of distance. This magic works until the creature is dead and works for up to five miles away.  

    Natural Form
    Natural Form Description: Although one might think that this cute girl might have a floral or very tiny form, Cygni forms into something comparable to a griffin, albeit at the size of a large dog. Its colors match hers to a T with the exception of her natural form's tail ending in a brown fluff rather than a light tan. While in her Natural Form, Cygni has sharp, grasping talons instead of hands and strong, leaping legs. Her wingspan is about six-and-a-half feet, but she doesn't have much lift strength. Instead, Cygni mostly just leaps about twenty feet up and glides down rather than flying. It's possible that if she were to gain more physical strength, she could turn this into proper flight.
    Natural Form Picture:
    Cygni Grimsdottir [Approved; 3-2, C] WLE8u3

    Skill Sheet
    Click here for more information on the skill sheet. Do not fill this out until after approval.

    Physical Skills

    Energy Control:

    Mental Skills

    Mental Deduction:
    Hand-to-Hand Skill:
    Weapon Skill:


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