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    Post by [TheSerenity] on Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:56 pm

    Elves The_Elven_Race

    Average Age of Death: 150
    Max Age: 170

    Basics: Being an elf on Clear Skies is very similar to being a human in other worlds and settings. Elves are the “average joe” race that are easier to make and more open to concepts. They have the highest population in the world, are quite adaptive, and are very attuned to using magic.

    While in normal settings elves are known for their long and pointed ears, on Clear Skies that trait refers to being a more “pure-blooded” elf. In other words, the ancestors of a long pointy eared elf have likely not reproduced outside of their own race, while the shorter and less pointy the ears would mean the opposite. This also means a bloodline can be diluted enough that they look human.

    Elves Elves_and_Magic

    Elven magic is potent, adaptive, and different from person to person. It often speaks to the person a character is in some way. To give a basic example of this, someone who is really fond of animals and spends a lot of time around them, may gain the ability to speak with and bond with them on a magical level. Another example is someone who really loves to paint being able to bring their paintings to life or using them to create a different dimension with rules that bend to their imagination.

    Elves Questions_Asked

    Our races will all be described in a short and straight forward manner, and over time people will ask questions about them. Those questions will be put here to help members out.




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