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    Post by [TheSerenity] on Sun May 13, 2018 12:19 am

    Creature Name: Dragons
    Rarity: Rare
    Location: Country-wide.
    Appearance: Dragons are scaled beasts that walk on four legs, have wings, and long whip-like tails. When they hatch from their eggs, they can range from the size of a mouse to a full grown dog. By the time they are adults, they can be up to the size of an elephant and that's it. (Think the common dragons from How to Train A Dragon.)

    Dragons Dragon

    Lore/History: Dragons are normally prideful and territorial creatures. They often pick places that they call their own and will fight other dragons and creatures to keep it to themselves. While some dragons may live in packs, most of them live alone in their territory until it is time to mate and they must leave. When a dragon mates, it mates for life. Once the mate passes on, they will likely follow within a year. If a mate is killed, they will seek revenge. A Dragon seeking revenge is not tamable and will kill what tries to stop him from his goal.

    While it is possible to tame an older/adult dragon, it is highly unlikely. It is safer and better to tame a dragon when it is young. Once loyalty from a dragon is gained, it is extremely difficult to break it, even when treated horribly. Some say that this is because of the "mate for life" trait. It is known that once bonded with a person, dragons won't mate because their loyalty is given elsewhere. This is the most common behavior of tamed dragons, but if tamed young enough they can be taught differently. "Nature vs Nurture" arguments exist.

    Nature Wins 80% of the time

    Natural Traits:

    • Intelligence is high in comparison to other animals. Some dragons can even speak, but this is when they're at least 25 years old. Those who can't speak can communicate through other ways.
    • Dragons usually live to somewhere around 60-80 years.
    • Good strength, speed, stamina, and durability.
    • Dragon Claws, Wings, Teeth, Tail (all the common sense stuff that goes with a dragon)
    • Affinity for one of these elements: Fire, Water, Air, Stone, Lightning, Shadow, Light, Ice, Poison, and Acid
    • 75% resistance to its own element.
    • The largest size a dragon can get to is about 12ft tall and 20ft long. (excluding wings/tail)

    Magical Traits:

    • The ability to absorb the natural (non-magical) form of their own element to heal and regain energy.
    • The ability to use their element in the form of a breath weapon like you expect from a dragon.

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    Post by Tsubine on Thu May 17, 2018 6:39 pm


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