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    Human Template

    Name: Natasha "Sasha" Krylov
    Age: Seventeen.
    Sex: Female.

    Appearance Picture:

    Natasha Krylov (Approved: No Tier, C) Natasha_Krylov_2

    Personality: Sasha is a young woman that you might say is blessed with a high intelligence. That is right, she is a prodigy. Sasha doesn't exactly make this known though however she does let it define her. She is incredibly lazy. For her to find motivation is difficult as she tends to be able to get most things in a few tries. It doesn't make her want to do a lot of work and she resents being forced to do work or repetitive activities which is meant to accomplish reinforcement. Practice is the enemy for her which is also a reason she doesn't improve as much as others might who put the work in. She is a careless person that has a superiority complex which she hides surprisingly well from her peers but underneath her friendly visage she is often groaning about something about them.

    She is a bit of a painful person to try and get close to, since the closer you get to her the more of her flaws begin to pronounce themselves. She does't see these as problems though. To her the issue lies in other people that she finds it hard to get friends or for people to like her which has caused her to develop a narcissistic behaviour in which she seeks others approval but is quite selfish and doesn't reciprocate what she expects from others.

    To her the end justifies the means. She lives off the principle of Exitus Acta Probat. This means that if she feels that she can get somewhere easier then she might as well. The morals are considered but can be ignored as well for her and she won't lose a bit of sleep over most things. That doesn't mean she doesn't have a conscious though. She is usually ignorant to her own flaws and negative traits which only make it worse should someone try to argue that she is doing something wrong or is a bad person which earns a quick trip to her shit list.
    Likes: Trinkets. Attention. Acknowledgement. Literature. Exploring. Superiority. Cooking. Sleeping. Volkhov. Science.
    Dislikes: Losing. Being ignored. Sharing. Equality (if it doesn't better her). Magic. Other places. Magic (again).

    History: Sasha was born sixteen years ago in a small town close to the border of Cardollan and Volkhov. Her parents conceived her in this town and she knew it her entire life. She had three siblings of various ages with two older sisters and a brother. It was a nice childhood where she had the opportunity to flourish which is what she did for the early years of her life. She however grew very quickly and intellectually. When she was six she was already doing an education that was well past her physical age and her father insisted that she be able to go somewhere else to do great things. Inadvertently giving her the idea that she was born for greatest with his praise Sasha would be filled with the idea that she was born for greatest and better than everyone else. With her mother resigning to the idea and her leaving to Nadiv to study more and truly make something of her life.

    Dreams and aspirations would be tainted by the loss of her family though after it was rumoured her home had been torn apart by an anomaly which left a scene of gore that was previously her family. She never saw the ruins. She refused to go to that place. It only made her hate magic so much more than what she previously had been grown up with. If magic had never existed then the anomalies wouldn't have existed and her family wouldn't have died like they did. She resolved to never touch the thing and if given the chance destroy it as unlikely as that would be. This loss fuelled her to graduate one of the most esteemed educational facilities in Volkhov at the age of fifteen and be allowed to work for the government as a researcher to develop military equipment for Volkhov. It was the closest she could get to revenge but shortly after joining it begun to feel less like it was meaningful revenge. She moved on from the past but didn't forget it. She just stopped letting it control her but with no driving force she had reached her zenith. Still quite useful and intelligent but there was very little force giving her a reason to achieve further and instead forced her into the limbo she is in now.

    Skills & Equipment

    She is a leading expert in her field of physics for Volhov, as a wonder child she is quite resourceful and creative. Being able to develop technology for her country and be a researcher for the state but at the cost of actual experience and her superiority complex. She can underestimate people at times, be difficult to work with and with the lack of experiences in her life and learning from books she has very little real world impact on her and practicality.

    Sasha has keen eyesight. She is able to pick up on things from a further distance and with greater accuracy than most which makes her an excellent marksman as well as having other benefits like searching, analysis and visual activities. She has very sensitive eyes though due to being Tetrachromatic which allows her to see a fourth spectrum of light being ultraviolet. This gives her much more accute vision and colour perception but at a cost of being susceptible to bright lights which can cause headaches. She will often wear glasses at times to try and help with it.

    Knife Proficiency
    When not using a rife she enjoys using knives to fight in a nimble and graceful style which involves a lot of mobility and targeting weak points to exploit on her enemies over using raw strength which she is lacking in with her small posture and slender build. With knife/knives in hand though she is quite capable of using them to their best which includes as throwing weapons.

    She has the occasional knives and rifles at times. There is nothing really specific or personal that she has though.


    Sasha refuses to learn or even associate with mages. She would rather work to develop a means to counter magic rather than invest in it. She has zero skill in this art as a result.

    Skill Sheet
    Click here for more information on the skill sheet. Do not fill this out until after approval.

    Physical Skills

    Energy Control:

    Mental Skills

    Mental Deduction:
    Hand-to-Hand Skill:
    Weapon Skill:

    Roleplay Sample
    Roleplay Sample: Lorem Ipsum. Never again.


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    First Application Checklist

    • Basics Present [X]
    • Appearance Present and Unclaimed [X]
    • Personality of Sufficient Length [X]
    • Powers Adhere to Site Rules [X]

    Tier: No Tier
    Class: C
    Skills Given: 1 Adept, 2 Trained, 2 Beginner
    Comments/Notes: How many 5*s does she have tho

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