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    Name: Elias Lawrence James Sinclair
    Age: 26
    Sex: Male
    Race: Human


    Elias Sinclair (Approved: No Tier, C) MCTpf4


    Personality: Everything and everyone in Elias's world has a time and place. Interruptions are not something he likes. Wild tangents only serve to irritate him. Of course, this all is assuming he doesn't make time for said distractions. Elias hates it when people step outside of his assigned roles for them. He may be astonished, sure, but he's more apt to be annoyed in the long run. The annoyance usually just shows itself as avoidance and terse conversations, but he's never explicitly rude to people who just annoy him. Being too rude or too polite gets you remembered. And while Elias wants to be noticed, he doesn't want to be remembered. Being too distinct can be a problem in his line of work.

    The fact is, Elias hasn't felt that he has a place in life so he makes his life fit around that emptiness. It's not that he lives a cookie-cutter life, but that there are "blocks" of events, interactions, relationships, etc. that all get moved around to fit his idea of "life." His place, currently, is that of a vigilante. A very deadly vigilante. He doesn't take on those that the public think is guilty but law enforcement doesn't have the power to take on. No, he takes on those who got too short of a sentence or those who don't get a sentence due to faulty evidence or a paid-off jury. The guilty who skirt the law are his prey, and Elias does what he can to be a perfect predator.

    The problem comes from the same emptiness mentioned above. He's asked himself the question many a time: "When do I stop?" This is a driving force, but it's not as simple as just going "that's enough being a vigilante." Elias needs another purpose in life, and it is something he has subconsciously acknowledged. However, his desire to avenge the innocent and punish the guilty is too great for him to hang up his sword.


    Elias, from the moment he was young, knew what he wanted to do. He wanted to help put bad people away. He was one of those good, headstrong kids that never played the robber in "cops & robbers." Although he started off pretty unsuccessful in arresting his fellow kids, he got better and better at it. His mother and father saw his future quite clear for him. He was going to be a fine Class G member of Aria Grand. They enrolled him in classes to help him along that. He was taught self-defense from a very young age. He was trying to arrest teachers by ten for breaking some inane law. It was adorable. It was also the biggest surprise when he decided to further his education rather than becoming a simple G-Class. No, Elias was to become a lawyer instead.

    The fact is, Elias wanted to argue why a person was bad. He wanted to see just what made someone guilty. He wanted that proof in his hand as he saw the color drain away as the sentence came down. The dirty work of arresting someone, finding them, and processing the evidence was not something for him. No, his battleground was not the streets and hovels, but the courtrooms. His opponent was the criminal directly, but the judge or jury. Elias says he regrets not following his parents' advice. If he had, maybe things would have been different. The frustration he felt could be taken out legally rather than illegally

    Elias was, however, no saint. He was fond of alcohol and was one to celebrate with hard liquor. There are nights he doesn't remember because of his addiction. But it was a sober morning after a hangover that his life started to spiral. At that time, it was an upward one. It was a busy morning during a festival. Carriages were sparse. He was waiting for one, late for an a hearing, when the person in front of him in line offered to share with him. He graciously accepted, and it turned out they were going to the same place. They didn't speak much as to why they were going there, but he could tell she was no attorney. It wasn't long before he realized that not only where they going to the same place, but the same floor... then the same hall... the same courtroom. They gave each other questioning looks, then shrugged it off as they entered the courtroom.

    Elias looked and saw as she sat on the first row of the defendant's side. Despite the awkwardness, he performed admirably. When the judge rang out "guilty," he was excited for it. As the courtroom cleared, Elias re-introduced himself to the woman. He asked for them to clear up whatever awkwardness had just occurred over lunch. She accepted. As it turns out, she was the younger half-sister of the man he was putting on trial. She was only on that side to support her brother and make sure he didn't snap in the courtroom. She was glad to see him gone.

    The next year, Elias and Marie Venlaume were engaged. Elias was always unwittingly thankful to her half-brother for being a maniac. If it weren't for him, he never would have met her. However, he now curses the man. If it weren't for him, she never would have been dragged into his mess. Elias, as a lawyer representing Lotheria, had many enemies. One of them was the son of a convicted arsonist. He had burned down two farmhouses outside of Lighthaven. The son cursed Elias and said he'd get his revenge—as he believed his father did not do it. Elias still believes that man was guilty to this day.

    However, that man died in a prison altercation. No one knows how it started, but it ended with two people dead. Elias, still half-drunk from a celebration, awoke to what sounded like a door opening in his and Marie's home. He went into the bathroom to grab a weapon, but he ran out as he heard two people scream. Marie was being stabbed and Elias saw the son of the man murdered in prison looking aghast. He thought he had stabbed Elias, not the woman. The man ran out, and Elias tried to stop the bleeding, but it was too late.

    The son was arrested on suspicion of murder, but no one could get any evidence that he had done such a crime. The only testimony that confirmed his identity was from Elias, who was still in a stupor. The son walked on the crime, and Elias didn't know what to do. He started to stalk that son, trying to catch him on anything. Nothing. He was too cautious, which only further convinced Elias of his guilt. Then, the son filed a complaint against Elias for stalking. Elias didn't listen to it, and after a second complaint, he was disbarred. Free from legal obligations, something in Elias's mind snapped. He knew the man who had killed his love. He knew that man was walking free. As he threw the last bottle of alcohol he ever touched for personal consumption, he resolved himself.

    Elias followed the man home and stabbed him sixty-three times before finally being done. He fled the city after that horrible deed. He had nowhere in life to be. So he was going to make a place. He was going to replicate what he had done. . .

    Skills & Equipment

    Murderer: After about a year of doing this, Elias has become very good at killing people. He knows good spots to hit to cause bleeding, what kind of pressure it takes to snap a neck. He also knows just how long someone needs to stay underwater to drown. He knows what burning flesh and hair smells like. He thankfully doesn't know what it tastes like, but he does know a few people that do now because of him. The guy is a veritable killer, although that doesn't translate to fighting all that well.
    Lawborne Sword: Elias's sword is made from fragments of the sword of one of the infamous Spellbinder Inquisitors. It doesn't have the full capabilities of the sword. It cannot just whisk magic away with a wave, nor can it do so even by touch. Instead, the sword reacts to magic in one of two ways. By focusing on a type of magic in his mind, the sword will point itself in the direction of the nearest source of that kind of magic. The other is that it gives Elias intimate knowledge of enchantments and magic. This does not let him know everything about a person, but he knows the range of spells he's hit with and how much energy it takes.

    Skill Sheet

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    Physical Skills

    Energy Control:

    Mental Skills

    Mental Deduction:
    Hand-to-Hand Skill:
    Weapon Skill:


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