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    Amelia [FINISHED]


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    Amelia [FINISHED] Empty Amelia [FINISHED]

    Post by [TheSerenity] on Mon May 21, 2018 7:03 am


    Age: 16
    Race: Half-Elf, Half-Human
    Sex: Female
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 115


    Amelia [FINISHED] AP1

    Amelia [FINISHED] AP2


    Personality: Amelia is that girl next door who just always does everything right. She seems perfect in every way: smart, pretty, talented, kind, and ambitious. In the eyes of many, she is the average teenage prodigy who excels in everything as well. She is a confident young woman who aces every class, is the President of the Kendo team, a member of the gardening club, has a part time job, loves to read, and is extraordinarily advanced in her practice of magic. She's the daughter that parents want, the girl that boys want, and the one people want to be.

    Amelia is not that perfect little princess she shows when she's in public. It is only known by those close to her, or those that get her on a bad day, that Amelia is sassy, hides her anger, has trust issues, has abandonment issues, and also has problems with authority. She doesn't feel like she can get close to anyone and isn't sure that she wants to either. She wants to leave school and Ethaswen all at once, but doesn't know how to since her Mother made sure to keep her sheltered. Amelia wants to escape her life, but feels trapped by what she knows.

    There aren't many things that Amelia has found herself to enjoy. Much of her life has concentrates around her education, so she hasn't done much to explore anything she'd call a hobby. She's never been to a party or had one thrown for her. She's never played an instrument, been to a concert, gone out with friends, had a sleep over, or anything else like that. There are a few things that she doesn't like. Amelia despises her Mother. She thinks the woman tyrannical, uncaring, and selfish. She doesn't think her Mother should have ever had a child.

    There is one huge secret that Amelia has that she doesn't want anyone to find out about. Her mother makes her feel like a freak over it, so she makes sure to keep it to herself. She also knows her Mother would be angry if anyone found out, so that makes it more important. The fact that, for some reason, Amelia can switch back and forth between her "human" and "Elven" forms is not something she lets be known. Since it's "not a magical transformation, but cellular," she knows it's not normal and people would like make fun of her and even shun her for it.


    History: Amelia's conception was strategically planned, but wasn't exactly the outcome her Father wanted. Of course, her Father wanted a boy, not a girl. When she was born and her gender was revealed, both of her parents handed her off to a nanny to be raised. Her nanny's name was Hanna and all Amelia called her was Ms. Hanna. Amelia spent years asking Ms. Hanna why her parents were always away, but never got a straight answer. It wasn't until Amelia overheard a conversation that she figured out what was really going on.

    It turns out that her parents went their separate ways after her birth and only came together when their companies needed them to. They refused to divorce because of the division of assets and lived on different properties than Amelia did. Their reason for separating was that her Mother could no longer have children after Amelia was born. Some sort of complication left her without that ability and so her Father considered her less of a woman. When she was nine, her Father wanted to remarry and he forced a divorce on Amelia's Mother.

    Once the divorce was settled, the assets were split and Amelia was forced to move in with her Mother since her Mother had little authority over the actual businesses. A year later, a few weeks after Amelia's tenth birthday, she discovered something about herself that left her Mother in shock. Amelia was a half-elf, but something about her birth had always been odd. When she was first born, she had brown hair, but when she was discovered in her crib the next day, her ears had grown and her hair turned blue. She stayed that way for years.

    On this day, during an argument with her Mother, Amelia's hair suddenly shifted back to the color she had at birth and the ears that signified her Elven heritage had disappeared. They first thought it to be magic, but it was said that she had too little magic to make such a transformation. Instead of looking into it more, her Mother dubbed her a freak and forced her to learn to control it while never letting her leave the house. She hired a magic teacher, but it was difficult since Amelia had so little magic. She couldn't control it until the age of 14.

    Training day and night like a robot for four years left Amelia angry and full of hate. She stopped speaking to anyone and it got to the point where her Mother was honestly frightened of what Amelia may do now that she had learned to control quite a bit of power. As a "surprise," Amelia's Mother enrolled her in Rydian Academy so she could meet other kids, go to school, learn more, and have fun! Of course, there was a cruel stipulation to all of it. If Amelia failed a single class, then she would return home and never see the light of day again.

    Amelia's time at school was honestly the best time she had ever had. Her first year was hard, but she aced all her classes like she was supposed to. She started talking to people and trying to make friends, but it was harder than she thought. Her social skills were lacking and sometimes she said some weird things. She had to put on acts to fit in and learned to say what she thought people wanted her to say. It worked. It took some time, but it worked well. She joined clubs and got a part-time job for the fun of it. Things were... nice, but she was still trapped.

    Skills & Equipment


    • Swordmanship: Skilled in both kendo and fencing, but she has a much higher skill in fencing since the style works better with her sword.
    • Martial Artist: Skilled in styles similar to Tai Chi and Ba Gua Zhang.
    • Archer: She's a master archer, but only for school tournaments.
    • A Student: She has a large knowledge of random stuff: history, science, math, english, and other subjects that you expect someone to learn in school.


    Lambent Light: This blade has the ability to absorb prime energy in one post and hold it until they choose to expel it. The wielder can choose what form the energy is released in (beams, spheres, crescents, mists, lasers, etc...). The blade has the ability to hold three charges of energy. One charge per "spell" absorbed. When the energy is released, it is released in one charge. Energy cannot be absorbed and expelled in the same post. For the sake of RP, it will be assumed that Amelia has one charge already held in the blade, unless said otherwise.


    Because of a major, and rather stupid, misunderstanding about Amelia's power, she is assumed to have an insane birth defect that allows her to change back and forth from a "human" and "Elven" form. In reality, her natural form is the human form while her Elven form unlocks her ability to use the rest of her magic. It's more like a stage of power than anything else. While she can use some magic in her human form, she can use double that in her Elven. However, changing between her forms is difficult, so once shifted, it takes 24 hours to shift back.

    The basic description of Amelia's power is Telekinesis; the ability to move objects with her mind. At least that is what people see. In reality, she creates fields of invisible energy that surround objects, allowing her to move them.

    "Human Form" -- Anything within her sight that weighs up to 50 pounds.

    • Shield: Amelia creates a shield of her energy that halts incoming projectiles, magical or otherwise, in their tracks. She can stop any items that weigh up to 50 pounds. The shield can break with enough damage or pressure. The shield can last two rounds of posting with a one post cool down for recast.

    "Elven Form" -- Anything within her sight that weighs up to 500 pounds.

    • Shield: Amelia creates a shield of her energy that halts incoming projectiles, magical or otherwise, in their tracks. She can stop any items that weigh up to 500 pounds. The shield can break with enough damage or pressure. The shield can last two rounds of posting with a one post cool down for recast.

    Skill Sheet

    Physical Skills

    Energy Control:

    Mental Skills

    Mental Deduction:
    Hand-to-Hand Skill:
    Weapon Skill:


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    Amelia [FINISHED] Empty Re: Amelia [FINISHED]

    Post by Rawk on Sat Jun 02, 2018 11:54 am

    Application Checklist
    • Basics Present [X]
    • Appearance Present and Unclaimed [X]
    • Personality of Sufficient Length [X]
    • Powers Adhere to Site Rules [X]

    Tier: 3-2
    Class: D
    Skills Given: 1 Trained, 2 Beginner, 2 Untrained
    Comments/Notes: "Cellular" transformation made me think of Parasite Eve, I approve.

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