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    Lasye Asher (Finished) Empty Lasye Asher (Finished)

    Post by Rawk on Wed May 23, 2018 1:06 pm

    Lasye Asher (Finished) WFSudge


    -Name: Lasye Asher
    -Alias: The Lord of War
    -Age: 66 (Biologically in his mid-20s due to the magical effects of the Helm)
    -Sex: Male


    Lasye Asher (Finished) WfzcWqj


    -Personality: Lasye, more than anything else, values one's strength to change the world as their source of worth. This is not purely a sense of physical strength, nor magical, or even combative. There is simply no value in dreaming, in holding brilliant ideas, if one cannot find a way to bring them to fruition. Results are all that matters in the world, and Lasye lives by that very basic concept.

    Despite this, one should never assume Lasye to be an archetypal villain who seeks all strength in the world and wishes to purge the weak. Those who cannot achieve on their own still have a place in the world, and if everyone was a blacksmith there would be no miners to find them ore. He respects those who work, who commit to bettering themselves or to driving society in however they might. None are worse than the lazy or unmotivated, and while he would hardly kill them on the spot, he certainly might spit on their boots.

    Because of his ideology, however, Lasye does believe himself to be destined for greatness. Not just any greatness, mind you, but king of the world one day. His magic shows that he clearly has command over it, and why then should he not strive for such a thing? But he is quite content to bide his time, to wait for just the right moment. A violent war of succession would hardly endear him to the people, and a good king listens to his subjects. So he waits, and he listens.
    -Likes: Nature, combat, good food, beautiful women.
    -Dislikes: Ineptitude, laziness, stagnation.


    "Strength dwells in unselfish people, Lasye. They are the strongest of all."

    These words are the only memory that Lasye has of his father, or even of his family. That isn't to say that some terrible fate befell them, but rather that he has not seen them in many years, and his memory is far from perfect. Nevertheless, the historians of the Asher tribe remember him with some fondness, if only for how precocious he was. Lasye was never a complex boy, and he never had complex dreams. He loved to fight, and he loved to win even more. There was an honor to his victories, for he never struck those weaker than himself unless they had challenged him first. Everyone expected that he would become chief of the Asher, but one day he simply...disappeared. It was as though the wind itself had spirited him away.

    The truth of the matter was that he simply wished to know what existed outside his home. There was no greater purpose that he had in mind, no higher calling or great goal for himself. Lasye explored Empyrea for nearly 10 years, and eventually came upon an ancient temple deep in the wilds, seemingly lost to time from some old tribe. Within lied a horned helmet, and as a pragmatic young man, he siezed the free item and placed it upon his head. When he did, he heard a voice whispering to him, as his vision faded and his other senses seemed to follow suit:

    You will do nicely.

    Lasye cannot remember the weeks that followed, and only awoke when he found himself fallen on the battlefield, the helm pulled from him by a red-headed warrior woman. Another man might have thought her beautiful, or been drawn to her scant clothing, but he was more impressed that she seemed to have bested him. She asked his name, and gave hers in turn: Emilia of the Vaugrenard. The two became fast friends, never anything more despite what many often assumed, and despite traveling together rarely, they seemed to always find one another just when it was most important.

    Years of travel and war passed, the two often trading the cursed helm back and forth while assuring they would remove it from the other when it was time. They grew stronger, more skilled and more renowned, but finally Emilia asked Lasye a question he had not yet considered: What did he want?

    The answer came to him nearly immediately, in spite of his lack of thought on the matter. He was strong, that much was clear, and the words of his father echoed in his mind. If he was strong, then surely he must have been unselfish as well? It made sense to him, and so after a moment, he said simply, "I wish to help." Of course, such a goal was hardly concrete, but soon he realized that he could not help Empyrea as but a warrior. No, there were too many things that needed fixing, and what Empyrea needed was not a fighter.

    What it needed most was a new king.

    Skills and Equipment


    -Warlord: As a man who has fought all his life, Lasye's mastery of the battlefield cannot be understated. He is at least proficient in almost every typical weapon one might find on the battlefield, and exceptionally skilled in several of the more commonplace ones. Whether on the offensive or defensive he displays an incredible understanding not only of the flow of interpersonal combat, but of a battle overall and how one might use it to his advantage.

    -Commanding Presence: Lasye is a terrifying man to behold, both in the sense of his impressive physical stature and the way in which he carries himself. He is profoundly good at giving orders and being heard, and generally speaking he is able to give orders without many people questioning him.


    -Helm of the Dominator: A horned helmet enchanted of blackest magics in days long past, the Helm of the Dominator is not named for what it does to one's enemies. No, when one wears the Helm, they submit their mind to control by the Helm itself, which will control them for the sake of the one thing its first creator sought; victory in glorious combat. The Helm itself is perhaps more magical than some wizards, and when Lasye wears it he becomes a warrior well beyond most mortal feats.

    Some might choose not to wear such a thing often, to prevent themselves from becoming slave to it. Lasye, however, wears it into every grand battle, for he will not be controlled by some tool, or allow its nature to change how he operates. As such, the only time one will find him fighting without the Helm is in smaller skirmishes or duels that are genuinely a matter of honor.

    Additionally, those killed by Lasye when he wears the Helm have their remaining years siphoned into him, rejuvenating his youth and his ability to fight at his peak. Because of this, it is unknown just how long he might live if he does not die in battle, but such an honorless end is not something he even considers a possibility.


    -Conquest: Lasye's magic is something he has never once practiced, and while he is aware that it is magic, he doesn't consciously use it so much as benefit from its general existence. Put simply, Lasye's very presence demands that the world not impede his actions. While this perhaps sounds almighty or omnipotent, and should by no means be underestimated, it takes the form of a more passive influence on the world around him. If he wishes to climb a mountain, cracks will appear for him to grip onto. If a river is too swift to be crossed, a calm patch will appear as he fords it. Should he strike a tree with his blade due to an opponent's evasion, the tree will fall as it absorbs the blow.

    The most major weakness of Conquest is that it is only the natural world which is influenced by it. Other people, and even animals, are not beholden to this power, nor are any materials or structures which have been built by man. As such, Lasye is at his most dangerous when in the wilds, and has been known to use this ability to avoid a fight altogether by simply letting nature handle them.

    Skill Sheet

    Physical Skills

    Energy Control:

    Mental Skills

    Mental Deduction:
    Hand-to-Hand Skill:
    Weapon Skill:


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    Lasye Asher (Finished) Empty Re: Lasye Asher (Finished)

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