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    Elf Template

    Name: Niamh mac Diarmada. Her name is pronounced as Nieve..
    Age: Eighty-Three.
    Sex: Female.

    Appearance Picture:

    Niamh mac Diarmada [WIP] Niamh

    Personality: Niamh is a woman that has been places and seen things. A person that has experienced multiple cultures since she left her home in the wild lands of Cardollan and so she knows quite a lot about what the world has to offer. She doesn't travel as much as she used too since she settled in Rochan but her free spirit is still there. Niamh is a person that presents herself with a serious demeanour that asserts authority and leadership.

    While some might call her a strange person due to the influence of the wild lands growing up she is by no means a savage. She still has traits from her heritage such as persisting in being self-reliant and not needing others.


    History: (10 sentences minimum)

    Skills & Equipment
    Skills: (Describe what natural things your character can do—from swordfighting to cooking—without the aid of magic)


    Rune Magic
    You can describe Niamh's magic as a simple one but it is a very effective one. Her magic is older and more archaic than other ones but that is because it is limited in application where its easy to cast. She can cast magical effects through runes that hold a meaning and focus for her large amount of magical energy.

    Skill Sheet
    Click here for more information on the skill sheet. Do not fill this out until after approval.

    Physical Skills

    Energy Control:

    Mental Skills

    Mental Deduction:
    Hand-to-Hand Skill:
    Weapon Skill:

    Roleplay Sample
    Roleplay Sample: (10 sentences minimum, only required for first character)

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