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    Post by Tsubine on Wed Apr 18, 2018 1:20 am

    Average Age of Death: 180
    Max Age: 200

    Basics: Skinwalkers are descended from the wild's old gods. Long ago, they commanded such might that they could exist idly, kidnapping children and whatnot while their “civilization” (if one could call a band of nearly wild people civilized) flourished. With the changing of the times, however, and the increasing variety of races (and the dominance of the elves) throughout the land, they simply lack the same influence over the world. They have been forced to at least begrudgingly accept that they have to interact with the outside world. Some Skinwalkers may find this to be a curious addition to their world and greet such things with whimsy, while others no doubt would rather cling to the old ways and have no love for any sort of civilized life.

    Magic: Their magic is usually more primal and "wild." This does not mean it is uncontrolled, but that it has the irregularity of nature. Just like the Natural Form of Skinwalkers is acutely tied to an individual, so is the magic they use. Even two Skinwalkers casting the same type of spell could have wildly different appearances. As they are more in-tune with nature than other races, it is extremely common for a Skinwalker's magic to be tied to the natural world.

    Natural Form: Their chaotic nature leads them to be able to take on multiple forms, hence their name. While most are animals, others take different natural forms, such as water, boulders, or even leaves on the wind. This form may give them bonuses to their physical skills, this is not always the case. Natural Form does not give them access to magic that did not exist before. In fact, Natural Form usually diminishes magical aptitude.

    Our races will all be described in a short and straight forward manner, and over time people will ask questions about them. Those questions will be put here to help members out.




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