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    Magic On Clear Skies


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    Magic On Clear Skies

    Post by [TheSerenity] on Thu Apr 12, 2018 6:22 am

    «The Universal Energy»

    To allow for creative freedom, Clear Skies is not creating any sort of set system for magic creation. Magic varies from character to character with racial and environmental influences being the only things that impact your characters. However, characters need to have a set theme that keeps to their character. Tossing anything and everything on a character isn't something that will be allowed. When creating your character, keep in mind that:

    Clear Skies is going to have ONE actual energy. This energy is called "Prime Energy."

    Prime Energy is the most basic name for the universal energy that runs through those that inhabit Empyrea. All magic runs off of this energy. If a race calls their energy something else, that’s fine. Its base form is always going to come from "Prime Energy." The races may access it differently or have a purer, unstable, corrupted, or some other altered version of Prime Energy but it always will trace back to this original source.

    1. Why are we keeping to one energy?
    To avoid needless complication. One world doesn't need hundreds of energy types.

    2. Is this ever going to change?
    Possible, but not likely. To prevent confusion, it's best to not change rulings like this.

    3. Why choose the name "Prime Energy" when it's so boring?
    That's exactly why. It will allow more creative freedom over what races choose to call their version of Prime Energy. The simpler this is, the more complex races can make theirs.

    4. How does this impact in-character role play?
    Characters will refer to the different energies based off of the race they're talking about. (See racial information.) When a character talks about more "ancient" or "true" forms of magic and energy, they will refer to it as "Prime Energy."

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