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    Post by [TheSerenity] on Thu May 17, 2018 6:42 pm

    Creature Name: Endellion [The Destroyer]
    Creature Type: Dragon
    Rarity: One Of A Kind
    Location: Unknown, travels, seen coming from out at sea.

    Endellion Endellion1

    Lore: It is a shame, but there isn't much lore about this creature. Different cultures, cities, and individuals come up with different stories and reasons to rationalize the existence of this beast. Maybe he's the god of the dragons? Maybe he isn't truly a dragon at all? Maybe he's a curse or a bad omen? Different stories are born from each appearance and they're always different. There are only a few "facts" that exist about him.

    LAST SIGHTING: 4 years ago in a town that no longer stands (Auburn Village). Once it destroyed the town, it flew off over the seas like it normally does. Whoever survived that night is a very lucky person.

    • Endellion appears every few (5-10) years and only to burn everything along his path.
    • He is a ruthless dragon of godly power, strength, and durability.
    • He is a fire dragon, but different beliefs may try and call him other things.
    • He is most often seen coming from the sea and leaving by it as well.
    • He speaks to no one. It is assumed he sees everyone as less than insects.
    • He normally annihilates at least one large town or city before leaving.

    Natural Traits:

    • Endellion has everything you'd expect a dragon to have: wings, tail, talons, teeth, breath weapon, etc...
    • Assume his speed, strength, and durability are completely maxed out.
    • Assume his size is maxed out. (including the wings and tail equaling his body length)
    • His tail can wipe out an entire city blocks with one swing.
    • Flapping his wings can create gusts that knock over forests.
    • The sharpness of his wings can cut through trees like hot knives through soft butter.
    • His talons are as sharp and hard as steel. Don't get anywhere near them.

    Magical Traits:

      The Breath Weapon
    • His breath weapon can melt steal within seconds.
    • His breath weapon can take out around two square miles.
    • He can use his breath weapon six times in a day, but has never done it, so this isn't known.

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