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    Lisaveta Sosolienko (Finished) Empty Lisaveta Sosolienko (Finished)

    Post by Rawk on Sun Jun 03, 2018 2:49 am

    Lisaveta Sosolienko (Finished) W3lcyeS


    -Name: Lisaveta Serafima Verusyevna Sosolienko
    -Alias: The Uncrowned Queen, Elizabeth Muromets (outside Volkhov)
    -Age: 22
    -Sex: Female


    Lisaveta Sosolienko (Finished) 40B4M5o


    -Personality: Lisaveta is a girl who believes in the value of one's word. Indeed, if she should make a promise, she would sooner die than let it be broken. She has been quite fundamentally shaped by a broken promise, and would never dare to inflict such pain as she as felt upon another. If she must ruin another's day, month, or even life, she will do so with the directness she believes the other party deserves. If they have done nothing to earn her ire, then she will not deceive them. But if they have already proven themselves to be unworthy ... Well, she may forget some crucial details.

    Some are quick to make friends, but Lisaveta is not one of those people. She is not distrustful, per se, but she takes a great deal of time to decide exactly what she thinks of others. There is no sense in rushing such a thing, after all, and she would rather have a correct opinion of someone than a good one. Despite this, she is exceptionally good at pretending to be very friendly, and she often acts as a much more demure, charming young lady than. She is, after all, a girl of Volkhov, even now.
    -Likes: Helping others, legalism.
    -Dislikes: Her mother, settling down.


    As per the traditions of the Bogatyr, Lisaveta should already have been made the Ataman of Volkhov and taken the throne. She is the first (and only) heir to the Sosolienko, and tradition among the family has always been that the throne be taken upon the eldest child's 18th birthday, so as to keep the head Bogatyr under strong, energetic leadership. Her mother Verusya, however, has lived for so long and established herself so strongly that such a thing was considered unnecessary, and so despite tradition, Lisaveta's 18th birthday came and went without her ascension to the position she had been promised.

    Unsure of what to do, confused and deeply betrayed by this sudden change in tradition, Lisaveta made the mistake of confronting her mother directly. Why had she been denied her claim to the throne? What right did Verusya have to ignore the centuries of tradition their forefathers had lain before them? The response she received, however, shook her to her very core.

    Verusya quite clearly did not see a need to cling to the old ways. She had led the nation into a golden age of prosperity, and she would see it through quite well enough on her own. With the calmest of voices, Verusya then ordered her own daughter to leave. Not the room, not the palace, but Volkhov all together. It was stated with a definite plainness, but Lisaveta has to this day never felt more genuinely afraid for her life than that moment.

    Having been quietly, secretly exiled from her homeland, under the guise of leaving to study abroad for an indeterminate amount of time, Lisaveta simply wanders Empyrea, seeking purpose in life and, perhaps in time, a way that she might one day take the throne that belongs to her.

    Skills and Equipment


    -Witch-blooded: Try as she might, Lisaveta cannot purge the magic from her blood, and she has tried perhaps harder than any other to do so. She cannot understand why such a thing has occurred, for her family has hardly had any damnable wizards within it, and yet the Flycatchers have made it clear that her potential is easily on par with the very mages who ruined Volkhov.

    Her knowledge of magic is not only lacking, it could only be called non-existent. The reservoir of power she has within her, however, is immense, and the cause of this, though not known to Lisaveta herself, is the spear that her mother Verusya has always carried. As a Treasure of immense power, its effects radiated into Lisaveta when she was still yet to be born, and so she is not only magical within her body, but the very magical energy seems to radiate out from her like heat.

    -Heir to the Throne: Though she may not have taken the throne, Lisaveta has still worked through her life to ensure that she would be a proper Ataman when the day came. She is well-educated in all manner of subjects, including mathematics, literature, history, and engineering, and has no particular fear of social interaction. Indeed, it is rare to find a subject that Lisaveta cannot at least pretend to hold some modicum of interest in purely for the sake of conversation, and some would argue that her social skill is second to none.

    -Bogatyr: Despite her exile, Lisaveta is still a warrior of the Bogatyr at least in upbringing, and this is reflected in the studies she has undertaken through her life. As such, she is a warrior of stunning skill, well-versed in blade, bow, and even in the more modern trappings of Volkhov's military. Though she rarely wields firearms, this is primarily due to the difficulty in repairing them outside Volkhov, rather than any distaste for them.


    -Dazbog: The family sword of the Sosolienko, in the hands of any other it would be simply a longsword of impeccable craftsmanship and elegant, if subtle, design. The magic that courses through Lisaveta's blood, however, seems to resonate with the blade, and as such it has unlocked what she believes to be the wisdom and power of her ancestors. The blade is magical in her hands, and this much is quite clear the moment she unsheathes it. A golden glow encompasses it, and heat like that of a blazing furnace pulses out from it with every swing.


    -Wild Magic: Due to Lisaveta's exceptional reserves of raw power combined with her total lack of training in both usage and control, her magic tends not to take any one form, not even one she would particularly like. As such, it is rare in the extreme that even she can properly operate around what her magic might do next. One moment it may be nothing more than Dazbog serving her as it always does, the next the wind might suddenly begin whipping across the land at gale forces.

    The truth of the matter is that, even were Lisaveta to gain proper training, such things would still be the nature of her magic, on account of her birth being so intrinsically linked to the wastes of Volkhov through her mother's Treasure. Any other expression of magic simply could not be expected, not from an influence so catastrophic and unpredictable as that.

    Additionally, it should be noted that Lisaveta's magical energy is immediately recognizable as astoundingly unique, on account of its behavior being squarely unnatural. It does not operate as normal magic does, but functions much more similarly to radiation, permeating everything exposed to it for even a time after she, the source, has departed. Lisa's mana signature, in the event that she expends magical energy, can linger for several weeks at a time before fully fading.

    Skill Sheet

    Physical Skills

    Energy Control:

    Mental Skills

    Mental Deduction:
    Hand-to-Hand Skill:
    Weapon Skill:


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    Lisaveta Sosolienko (Finished) Empty Re: Lisaveta Sosolienko (Finished)

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    Application Checklist
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    Tier: 2-5
    Class: C
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    Comments/Notes: But when do we meet her mother?

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