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    Post by [TheSerenity] on Fri Apr 20, 2018 10:52 pm

    Humans Humans

    Average Age of Death: 80
    Max Age: 100

    The first thing to understand about human kind is that, unlike many fantasy settings, they're not the most populace race. Whether it's because of their lack of magical aptitude or their shorter lived lives, humans are second to elves in population. Humankind is also the one race that has a difficult time using Prime Energy and some of the population is born without it. Since humans still maintain their strong wills and desire to advance their culture, they are more technologically inclined than anything else in Empyrea. To give a more mechanical definition, their technology reaches up to the 1950s. However, to keep with site balance, this tech exists with absolutely no nuclear advancement. They've invented cars, planes, TVs, phones, and many other technologies that have kept them in line with their magical rivals, proving to be the most impressive and adaptive race on Empyrea.

    Special Trait: Whether it's in their blood or whether it is because of their lacking magical prowess, humans have a natural resistance to the effects of Prime Energy.

    Humans Questions_Asked

    Our races will all be described in a short and straight forward manner, and over time people will ask questions about them. Those questions will be put here to help members out.




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