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    Post by Ziiah on Sat Apr 28, 2018 10:17 am

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    The people of Volvohan are a nomadic group of people that call Cardollan home, along with pretty much everything else. While between them and their allies they seem to be a pretty nice and fun group of people, to complete strangers and enemies they are a menace to behold. This is because the People are trained for violence. They train their children from a young age to grow into warriors that will assist them in conquering the province. They either gain allies by friendlyness or destroy them and make them one of their own.

    Source: Can be related closely to the Hun and the Vikings.

    Language: The People speak a language that is a combination of German and Latin, often replacing German words with Latin to add a clearer flow of their speech.

    Plural/Adjective: Volvs, Volvian

    Culture: As stated before, the People of Volvahold are nomadic and are conquerors so their culture is very all over the place as every civilization they take over ends up integrating into theirs and changes their ways. Currently, though, the Volvahold do have an overarching culture that defines them.

    For one, they aren't people known for their tameness and likeness for the arts, often scoffing at those who appreciate painting, statues, and anything made of gold. Most share this ideal, even those who were not originally Volvian catch on quickly. Most of the people tend to lean more to the religious side while also on the warrior side, fighting for their beliefs and to uphold them while attempting to please their gods. The influence of religion is strong and obvious to those that were to walk into a village of Volvahold.

    Technology-wise, they couldn't care less. If any form tech comes to them, they'd accept it with a fair trade but don't go actively searching for anything advanced.

    The People are quite large, and for being large they require a leader. This leader in the past has been referred to as the Chieftain but is called something else now.

    Kaeser: Xozah Ashtei
    Derived from the german word "Kaiser", the Kaeser rules less like a chieftain and more like a dictatorship. Though, at the same time, Xozah has advanced the tribe to more modern standards than anyone before her. Since she has taken power, she has moved the tribe onto the back of a Caeloherr, invented a way for them to grow crops while still on it's back, and has created allies-- and enemies-- of many other tribes that they had visited.

    Beast Master: Vacant (Urgent)
    The Beast Master's job is to keep the Caeloherr in check and tame, as since their villages are located on their backs much is riding on the line. Those with the position of Beast Master don't have as much power as the Kaeser, but are close. Without the Beast Master the tribe can't really go anywhere due to the fact that the Beast Master is the only person who can steer the Caeloherr.

    Can be compared to a village shaman but with more responsibilities.

    Magnum Kampfer: Vacant

    Also known as the Big Fighter. This position is given to the Champion of the People, a fancy title for the strongest in the tribe. For when the Kaeser is away or doesn't want to deal with trivial matters the Magnum Kampfer is the one to deal with them. Previously this position was chosen but now is decided over Trial by Combat.

    Parvus Fuhrer: Vacant (Low Priority)

    The final special position. This is held by the child of the Kaeser (with Xozah's children being 17, 11, or 6, for those that want to take this spot). Also referred to as the PF, they are entrusted with the future of all the People, taking mantle if anything were to happen to the Kaeser. If the Kaeser has no children then the Parvus can be designated as well.

    Verbreitet: Unlimited

    The middle to high class citizens. Your status is determined on contribution to the tribe. Those who are known for their kindness will be given more objects of value, a bigger house, or even some political power though that is rare.

    Servio: Unlimited

    Where the poor and the slaves are kept. Normally separated on a different Caeloherr or just fed to them, these people don't get much rights. Normal treated like dirt or less then dirt, war prisoners or criminals can be put here too. Special cases happen as well, as if the Kaeser didn't take a strong liking to you.

    Allies: N/A

    Enemies: N/A (for now)

    Kill on Sight: N/A

    Set for Capture: N/A

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