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    Name: Isana Shirotsuna
    Age: 23
    Sex: Female
    Race: Human
    Height: 5'5"
    Weight: 125

    Appearance Picture:

    Isana Shirotsuna [Approved: 3-3, C] AP1


    Personality: Isana is the girl with the broken smile people tell you to search for. There is a shadow behind bright eyes that gives away the fact that she's not as happy as she puts on. She is a bit of a walking tragedy and she knows it. While she is normally a kind woman, she's extremely gullible and it often gets her into trouble. She's also very down on herself, which can make her very depressing to be around. However, she's also a very determined person, which gives a bit of a highlight to her personality.

    Isana is desperate to redeem herself. She hasn't actually done anything wrong, but she believes she has. (That info you can get in her history.) Because of this, any chance she has to help someone who needs it, she jumps on the opportunity to do it. She will foolishly risk her own life on something she doesn't even know is true. Someone could be using her or leading her into a trap and she wouldn't think anything of it. All someone has to do is look sad, give a little sob story, or merely say "I need help."

    Isana is down on herself for two reasons. The first is because she feels like she brings nothing but destruction and pain wherever she goes. She feels like she is cursed and her life hasn't proven her wrong. The second reason she's down on herself so much is that no matter how hard she tries, she just can't get the grip of her meta-suit. She knows humans have a hard time with magic and that the suit relies on that type of control, but her continuous failings lead her to believe that she's weak, stupid, and pathetic.

    Luckily, Isana does have that determined side of her. The only ways to end her curse is to either kill herself or overcome it. Having seen enough death in her life, she finds no comfort in it and so that will not ever be the path she chooses to take. Her mission is to figure out how to lift the curse she thinks has fallen upon her and master the meta-suit that was passed down to her from her Mother. As long as she keeps striving to do better and to complete her missions, she will not fall like so many others have.

    Likes: Training, magic, music, sweet drinks, swimming, flowers, the color pink.

    Dislikes: Tripping, carrying too many things, herself, climbing ladders, walking on stairs with no railing, the smell of liquor, heights, dogs, mice, and snakes.

    Fears: Tal-Avir, Death, Fire, explosive noises, earth quakes, being buried alive.


    History: Isana was born in a place in Lotheria called White Water Village. That village no longer stands. When she was six, she saw a creature of ash and fire looking on the village. She said nothing until after the village was destroyed. Her Father told her that the creature she saw was known as Tal-Avir. It was a bad omen, a curse of sorts. Those who see it are often witnesses to death and destruction, no different than she was. An earthquake sent their village crumbling down a cliff. Those who survived fled, but many didn't and they were soon swallowed up by a large wave that crashed onto the land. Isana and her parents were among the survivors, but she was forever changed.

    Isana and her family found a new place to settle within a few days. They built up a new village inside a forest and alongside a new river. Five years later, on her eleventh birthday, Isana laid her eyes on Tal-Avir once more. She immediately told her family and they all tried to warn the village, but they were in disbelief. They could believe the first time because something actually happened, but to see it a second? That was unheard of. They claimed that Isana's previous frustrations with magic and her inability to train like the other elven kids that were bullying her led her to make up a story for attention. Isana begged her parents not to believe them and soon, her family left home.

    It was that night that a freak forest fire burnt through and took their homes with it. It spread so fast that not many were able to make it out. Isana and her family were more than likely the only survivors, but that is an assumption since she never saw anyone from the village again. Her family traveled far south now, trying to avoid anymore catastrophe. They ended up about thirty miles west of Lighthaven, just outside of the base of the mountains. Life was settling for them, finally, but once again, Isana laid her eyes on Tal-Avir. This curse had came to her three times before she turned fifteen. She didn't even have to say anything. She just walked to her Father and cried.

    Isana felt like she was the one cursed, but Tal-Avir supposedly didn't work that way. Tal-Avir was supposed to be a warning. While it looked scary and intimidating, it always came before a strike and she was told that meant Tal-Avir warned people when catastrophe was coming. Isana had a hard time believing that. She began thinking that Tal-Avir marked places to destroy, but there was no way to confirm it. They had to leave again. They warned as many as they could, but many refused to believe it no different than before. And like before, catastrophe did come. However, it did not come in the natural forms that it had been coming. Instead, it came through Endellion.

    From the peak of the smaller mountain, Isana, her parents, and the few they could convince to leave, watched Endellion in horror. The Black Dragon had come to wipe Auburn Village off the map and succeeded within minutes of it's arrival. What felt like an eternity while watching the carnage was only a mere five minutes of play for the one many called the Destroyer. Again, her family found a new home, but this time they built it themselves on a river in a large valley about ten miles outside of Lighthaven. It was peaceful and Isana continued her training to master the family relic. However, times weren't the best since her Mother began seeing Isana as a cursed child.

    Her Mother shunned her completely. They didn't speak to each other and if Isana tried to, she'd be slapped and dragged to the basement. Her Father was appalled by the treatment and it tore the family apart. When Isana turned eighteen, her Father bought her a pink ribbon to put in her hair. It wasn't much, but to Isana it was everything. When she looked in the mirror to put it into her hair, her Mother just snapped and snatched it from her. She went crazy and began hitting Isana over and over again, refusing to stop. Her Father tried to stop it calmly, but when her Mother grabbed her hair and pulled so hard that Isana hit her head on a stone table, he became enraged.

    When Isana woke up, her head was bandaged and her Father was sitting on a chair next to her bed. Her Mother was nowhere to be found and he assured her that her Mother would never be there to harm her again. Isana didn't know what that meant, but she had a horrible feeling about it. She was going to ask, but the pain in his voice had her bury it for good. She never asked about it and they never spoke of it. Instead, they concentrated on training every single day. Isana had to get used to the Shirotsuna family relic. It is an adaptive magical item that morphs itself with the person who wields it. Isana was able to master the first form that it gave her, but there were more.

    Over the next five years of her life, Isana and her Father trained her in swordsmanship, hand-to-hand combat, and the use of her Arcana. While swordsmanship and hand-to-hand came to her like it did the average person, the use of her Arcana was lacking. The fact that she was human was an obvious factor, but she did have magic and that was proven when she was able to use the first form of her family's relic. She just could not get a handle on using the rest of it though. Unfortunately, it's not her fault. Isana and her Father are technically unaware of the methods to use the item, so it never works right. Until they figure that out, she more than likely won't figure out how to use it.

    Skills & Equipment


    Combat Ability: Isana may not be an experienced fighter, but she is very much trained in the ways of fighting. She has skill with a sword and with hand-to-hand combat. She can spar like crazy and her technique is down right perfect. She is exceptional in practice and could impress just about anyone who wanted to watch. However, Isana does not have the actual violent, hard core, aggressive part of it down. She hasn't struck someone with the intent of harming them or even just defending herself.


    The Changeling's Regalia: This item is known to many, but also thought lost since the clan who once held it was apparently wiped out about a decade ago. It is a powerful gem placed in a child on the day they are born. Once a child is blessed with it, it lays dormant behind their belly button until awakened. It is awakened when their own magic becomes active. A child that has no affinity for magic cannot possess the Changeling's Regalia. Since it lays within the body, the only proof of its ownership is the fairy-like shape that it takes when it bonds with a person's magic. For Isana, it comes in a rather risque form for reasons she doesn't understand. Click here to see.

    The Changeling's Regalia is an adaptive magic. It can come in many forms based off of what the person who wields it needs. There are always ten forms that the Regalia can take and will adjust to different forms of combat. For Isana, she is the first wielder of the Regalia that has a "casual" form to make up for the revealing base form. Shifting between forms is "instant" in-character, but there is a 3-round cooldown before she can shift. Isana will always know which form she is shifting to, unless it's new.

    The rest of the forms are listed below along with the powers they give. Isana is able to use her natural magic in any of the forms. Anything in a spoiler is "locked."


    Each form will come with some sort of weapon(s) and accompanying magic.


    The Regalia of Conservation - Casual "I don't like being half naked..."

    This form does nothing beyond covering her up and making her feel less embarrassed.

    Isana Shirotsuna [Approved: 3-3, C] Basic

    Regalia of Speed - Gives a +1 level boost to her speed.

    Isana Shirotsuna [Approved: 3-3, C] Speed

    The Regalia of Strength - Gives a +1 Bonus to her Strength.

    Isana Shirotsuna [Approved: 3-3, C] Strength

    Locked Regalia:
    Isana Shirotsuna [Approved: 3-3, C] Red

    Isana Shirotsuna [Approved: 3-3, C] Blue

    Isana Shirotsuna [Approved: 3-3, C] Green

    Isana Shirotsuna [Approved: 3-3, C] Sun

    Isana Shirotsuna [Approved: 3-3, C] Reaper

    Isana Shirotsuna [Approved: 3-3, C] White


    Isana's concentration on her magic is not as powerful as her focus on the Regalia, so it's lacking. At the moment, she only knows that she has the ability to make anything she touches glow brighter than a torch. Sometimes the light can almost be blinding. Later on, she'll discover that she has the ability to manipulate light at will.

    Skill Sheet

    Physical Skills

    Energy Control:

    Mental Skills

    Mental Deduction:
    Hand-to-Hand Skill:
    Weapon Skill:


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