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    Jasmine [Approved: 3-1, E] Empty Jasmine [Approved: 3-1, E]

    Post by [TheSerenity] on Fri May 11, 2018 11:02 pm

    Name: Jasmine
    Age: 16
    Sex: Female
    Race: Human
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 110

    Appearance Picture:

    Jasmine [Approved: 3-1, E] AP1


    Personality: Mischievous, selfish, annoying, bratty... These are all ways you can describe Jasmine. She enjoys getting on people's nerves and irritating the hell out of them in any way that she can think up. Whether it's going through their things, throwing random things at them, writing on their face, or even using her magic, Jasmine's pranks never get old to her. As long as it makes her laugh and the other person glare at her, she's done her job. When she gets started, there's no stopping her.

    To some, it's like Jasmine wants to get the world to hate her. In reality, she assumes the world already does. She grew up being shunned because of her magic, so she turned into an incurable prankster to entertain herself and irritate the hell out of others. She doesn't believe she'll ever have any friends or family to call her own, so why care about what someone else thinks of you? If the entire world is going to treat you like crap, then what's the point of trying to make others happy? Jasmine looks out for herself.

    Jasmine's reality is depressing. She's given up on being happy, having friends and family, and really anything else you'd expect someone to look forward too. She doesn't even expect to enjoy a decent meal. She's a little thief, so her clothes are all stolen. She steals whatever she can to eat because she can't afford food regularly. She doesn't have powerful enough magic to join a guild and get a job (or so she assumes), so she doesn't even try. Jasmine is a bratty rogue sitting in a dark corner pretending to be happy.

    Likes: Playing jokes on people.

    Dislikes: People, being judged, being made fun of.


    History: When her magic suddenly decided to appear, the people in her town quickly became annoyed with her. Jasmine had little ways of controlling her magic and so things began going haywire. She was five when it all first started. She was at her Aunt's wedding and asked her Mom why the dresses always had to be white. She wanted to see them be blue! The moment she said it, the bride's dress and the dresses of the bride's maids turned blue. Realizing she was a wizard and thinking it was so cool, she changed the colors of the entire wedding service. Table clothes were neon green, curtains pink, and the floor was black. Her parents... were utterly furious.

    For reason that Jasmine never understood, her entire family hated magic. It was like they were descendants of Volkhovians. Those who had magic hid it away and rarely used it knowing that the family would look at them like they had some sort of disease. Jasmine thought magic was fun and couldn't understand why anyone wouldn't want to use it! She used it in secret all the time. Even though her parents were completely against it, she chose to sneak away and practice on her own. When her aunts son found her practicing, he immediately told the family what she had been doing. Jasmine was shunned by most and punished by her parents. That's when things got really bad.

    Jasmine was apparently not allowed to ask why everyone hated magic. They just did and so she was expected to hate it to. Her family began treating her like a bad dog. They'd scold her if she did anything, whether it was related to magic or not. And over time, Jasmine became bitter and angry toward them. She started playing jokes, like changing the color of their tea, making their clothes bright colors, and anything else that was merely playful. When they reacted with violence, she rebelled harder and turned the fire up on the stove while they were in the garden. When a rag caught fire, she panicked, but that panic faded quickly and she watched it, ready to let it all burn.

    Her Mother came in on time and saw this, so she was slapped and kicked to the floor. When her Mother told her Father what she had done, she was restrained and blindfolded. Hours later, she woke up in what felt like grass, still blindfolded and tied up. She worked to get free, but that proved to be difficult. She heard what sounded like horses coming toward her and screamed out, praying it wasn't someone bad. Luckily, it wasn't someone like that and she was untied. It was a kid around her age, maybe a little older. He helped her out, cleaned her up, and she traveled with him for a while. It wasn't until later that she realized he was a thief and she was ready to learn from him.

    Unfortunately, he wasn't ready to teach her and left her alone in the next town with nothing more than a "You're annoying" as a goodbye. Alone and no real knowledge on how to survive in the world, Jasmine lived her life from day to day, just trying to get enough food to eat. She played tricks on people in order to get what she wanted, often using ruses to gain sympathy from people. They offer her money, food, clothes, and sometimes places to stay. She had a birthday a couple of weeks ago and used that to even get a little party, some cake, and the new clothes she wears today. While she doesn't want to be a deceptive brat, it's all she knows and she's gotten fond of it.

    Skills & Equipment


    • A Convincing Liar: She knows how to get what she wants form people. Her tears often seem real when they're not. There aren't many who can see through her.

    • Sleight of Hand: While not great, she is able to pickpocket and sneakily grab up things. A skilled and observant person can catch her easily though.

    • Runner: If there is one thing that Jasmine is good at, it's running. She has a high stamina and is quick on her feet on just about any sort of terrain.


    Alteration Magic: This is the name she gives to her magic. She has the ability to alter something away from its natural form and appearance. While her current iteration of magic is weak and mostly unpracticed, it is possible for her magic to change later one. For now, she can only make minor alterations that are on the list below:

      She can alter the...
    • Color of hair, clothes, and smallish items.
    • Shape of smallish items.
    • Temperature of anything less than a gallon.
    • Taste and smell of anything that has it.

    Skill Sheet

    Physical Skills

    Energy Control:

    Mental Skills

    Mental Deduction:
    Hand-to-Hand Skill:
    Weapon Skill:


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    Jasmine [Approved: 3-1, E] Empty Re: Jasmine [Approved: 3-1, E]

    Post by Rawk on Mon May 21, 2018 11:45 pm

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    Tier: 3-1
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    Comments/Notes: One day she'll learn that her parents were right

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